When is the Best Time to Buy Used Vehicles?

Best Time to Buy Used Vehicles

There are many things, which should be considered when you buy a pre-owned automobile. It is always recommended to do the research, take a test drive, or have the car fully inspected by qualified mechanic before you buy it.

However, there is one thing about which experts rarely talk is the importance of timing. It means you can save hundreds of dollars if you buy used vehicles at certain time. With that in mind, following are the few words of advice that should serve you well whenever you are thinking of buying second-hand car:

  1. Best Time of The Year

Almost all manufacturers offer the best incentives and refunds on new vehicles near the end of the year. The reason behind this is that it helps the dealers unload the older models to make room for new ones. Although the deals are usually best for unused cars, most dealerships also give discounts on new vehicles to attract more shoppers.

Same is the case with used vehicles. Best time to find used car is during September, October, November, and December. In addition, because sales clerks are normally desperate to sale more vehicles before the end of the year, they will negotiate the prices easily. So the longer you wait the better deal you will get for your used vehicle.

  1. Best Time of The Month

In case you cannot wait for the end of the year then there are also ways to maximize your savings within a much shorter timeframe. As most dealerships use monthly sales goals and quotas to motivate their staff, the end of month can be hectic period. In other words, desperate sales clerks are far more likely to offer least possible prices during the last few days of any month. After all, their job depends upon the sales. This knowledge gives you quite a bit of advantage in any negotiation over the price of second-hand vehicle as the buyer.

  1. Best Days of The Week

There are daily cost benefits for those shoppers who desperately need a car right away. As weekends are usually the time when dealerships do most of their sales, bargain hunters should not expect to get great deal on these days. Simple fact is that there are normally so many interested buyers on Saturdays and Sundays that there is no need for sales clerks to reduce the prices to make a sale. When it comes to weekdays, Monday is the day, which is normally a cleanup day because weekend sales are closed by now.

Thursdays and Fridays are again busy days because more people stop in to browse for vehicle before they come back on weekends to buy it. That leaves only Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the quietest days of the week. Moreover, there are great chances that salespersons will offer good deals on used vehicles when business is low.

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