What to Do When Car Skids On Snowy Road?

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Watch out for car skidding while driving on snowy and icy roads. Skidding has become a very common problem on roads whose surface is not smooth and firm. It is troublesome because tires fail to gain traction on snowy surfaces. Drivers lose control of car which results in serious accidents. Key tips for dealing with car when it skids involve staying calm and applying techniques wisely. Right techniques will prevent accidents and other expected road problems.

Step 1: Remove Air from Tires

The minute you realize that car’s tires have lost traction and started skidding on road, take off your foot off from gas. It is important as it slows down car and increases the chance of gaining steering control quickly. If you live in a cold region, you must know the tips to maintain tires in winters.

Step 2: Avoid Brakes Slamming

There is a wrong perception that pounding on brakes when car skids will fix the problem. Usually it is driver’s first reaction when car starts to skid on snowy roads. But it is not the right way. Continuous slamming will lock car’s tires at the back and will lessen their chance of regaining traction.

Step 3: Tap Brakes Slowly and Frequently

Rather than slamming on brakes, you should start tapping your foot slowly on it. This will help in engaging brakes periodically and eventually you will regain lost traction. This way car will slow down but rear wheels will still be locked up.

Step 4: Steer in Direction of Swerve

If car’s rear swerves out to one side or to its front end, you will have to manage by steering somehow. Make sure not to crank steering wheel in any way. The best tip here is to slightly turn steering wheel in a direction which follows swerve.

It will help you in moving car towards that specific direction and improves your control over car. It is usually suggested to park your car in a less populated area until you regain its control. Safety tactics are very effective and help in turning a skidding car into a stable safe vehicle. In countries where it snow constantly you simply can’t prevent car from skidding. But staying calm and following above steps, you can lessen the pain and get rid of problem sooner. You can also checkout our online auto parts superstore to purchase auto parts and components. We guarantee top quality products at reasonable prices.

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