What Happens When Timing Belt Snaps?

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When it comes to auto parts, sometimes the smallest and most harmless parts tend to be ignored by drivers. When you are driving your vehicle and it suddenly breaks down, the first thing that will come in your mind is engine or you will think it might be battery, transmission or alternator.

Do not assume you are the only one who thinks like this. Almost all car owners even us do not assume that the issue with vehicle is something small like timing belt or fuse. We usually forget that, while in small size, these car parts can play a vital role in how our vehicle works. Timing belt is available at online auto parts store in top-notch quality.

Timing belt may be small in size but it is one of the most important maintenance parts in your vehicle. It is ribbed and positioned on one side of your car’s engine in a specific configuration. Timing belt is responsible for making sure your crank and camshaft are correctly timed.

In simpler words, it keeps the top of the engine or cylinder head and valves in time with bottom of your vehicle’s engine which includes items like crankcase and pistons. It is highly recommended to buy all these car parts for your vehicle from online auto parts superstore.

Is Vehicle’s Engine Safe If Timing Belt Snaps?

Well, that depends on the type of engine your vehicle has. There are two different types of engine timing configurations:

  • Interference

An interference engine means that stroke of pistons and valve take up the same location in cylinder, therefore the timing belt essentially keeps them from smashing into each other but at different times. This means that timing belt is in charge of making sure these two items do not smash into one another as they move.

In case timing belt snaps, they run into each other and can cause damage to cylinder head, bent valves or camshaft as there is nothing available that control the strokes of pistons and valves.

  • Non-Interference

On non-interference kind of engine, chances of damage are pretty less. This is because the pistons and valves are not working in same area. If timing belt happens to snap, they will continue working. Although a new timing belt will be needed to make sure your vehicle drives as it normally should. Get timing belt, piston or any other parts of your vehicle from online auto parts superstore.

You can replace timing belt of your vehicle on your own rather than paying hundreds of buck to mechanics. Timing belt may not take up a lot of room in your vehicle but it plays a large room in how your car works. Do not forget to visit our blog to know everything about automotive world.

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