Volkswagen XL3 Will Finally be Launched In 2018

Volkswagen XL1 2018 Model

Volkswagen introduced XL1 nearly three years ago and if reports are to be believed then the company is making more affordable XL3.

Volkswagen XL1 2018

XL3 will reportedly have distinct styling that is inspired by Volkswagen’s XL1. It is also not confirmed yet but is reported that CL3 will have blue trim and C-shaped daytime running lights with aerodynamic design.

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XL1 will get its power form hybridized powertrain that has turbocharged 1.4-liter petrol engine, small battery pack and an electric motor. Nothing is confirmed yet but rumors are that this engine will generate 140 horsepower whereas the electric motor provides an extra 35 horsepower.

This upcoming model will not be terribly fast like other Volkswagen’s models but engineers are reportedly targeting fuel economy rating of 3.0 liters per 100 kilometers (78.4 miles per gallon). You can also drive this model just few miles on electricity alone.

XL3 will be less expensive and also has global mass-production car. It will be loaded with every advanced technology just like BMW i-cars.

There are not many details regarding this model but reports suggest that XL3 will abstain from using bespoke platform and lightweight construction of Volkswagen’s XL1. This change will enable this vehicle to be significantly cheaper than its predecessors will.

XL3 will be launched in 2018 and priced at approximately $32,790. It is expected that this model will be conventional hybrid, not a plug-in. Keep visiting AS Auto Parts Blog to know about all other upcoming cars.

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