Tesla Revealed the First Sneak Peak of its Concept Car

Tesla Model 3

Faraday Future, the secret electric car startup is building the suspense for its concept before its big reveal next week. The company published a video on Wednesday, 30th December 2015 teasing its first automobile which is expected to be overflowed with high-tech features.

Faraday Future plans to unveil the car on 4th January at Consumer Electronic Show. It is the annual technology conference in Las Vegas, USA. Although the video does not show much except the front wheel of car as it drives fast down an empty track but this vehicle is more than we have seen of it yet.

Unfortunately, the car which is revealing at CES will not be an actual production automobile. It will be a true concept car that is only meant to showcase the Future’s engineering platform. Company aims to have its first production car on road by 2020.

Faraday has not shared many details about what exactly its vehicles will be like but Richard Kim, company’s head designer said that Faraday aims to build a vehicle that is more like a tablet. He further explained that with this car, users will actually be able to interact with the interface inside it rather than using smart phone to control some aspects of vehicle. Keep visiting www.blog.asautoparts.com to know more about this upcoming car. We will be keep you updated with all the information of Future Faraday’s concept car.

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