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Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Back View

It was reported earlier that Tesla will reveal its Model 3 in March and now AS Auto Parts Blog have solid date for its readers. Multiple sources have confirmed that this budget-friendly EV will be launched on March 31 in Los Angeles, USA.

Apple Is Making an Electric Car: Tesla Chief

Elon musk tesla - AS auto parts

Apple is rapidly progressing on its upcoming electric car it and we haveĀ leaked this news on 19 October based on leaked documents from the Apple Company. This information is also verified as the company has recently booked domains like www.apple.car.com and www.apple.auto.com so it can be anticipated that company is going to launch the latest electric car in the near future.

Tesla Revealed the First Sneak Peak of its Concept Car

Tesla Model 3

Faraday Future, the secret electric car startup is building the suspense for its concept before its big reveal next week. The company published a video on Wednesday, 30th December 2015 teasing its first automobile which is expected to be overflowed with high-tech features.

Highest Ranked Car of 2015

Tesla Model S

Everyone who drives Tesla Model S totally loves this car. Part of that is because of this impressive, nearly silent ride, exciting performance and it is just so elegant and nice to look at.