Spyker SUV with Electric Power and V12 is planned for 2017

Spyker V12 2017 SUV

Spyker just unveiled its first new sports vehicle, C8 Preliator, at Geneva Motor Show in March. But Victor Mulley, CEO of Spyker already has his sights set on next model. He stated his intention in an interview that he wants to make V12- powered model, in addition to an all-electric SUV by 2017.

This automotive company unveiled an SUV concept, D12 Peking-to-Paris at Geneva Motor Show ten years ago. CEO stated that Spyker will show off new V12-powered SUV concept at LA Auto Show in November, which will be inspiration of 2006 Pecking-to-Paris.

CEO of company did not confirm whether this new SUV would reach production but he seemed quite optimistic about it. He regrets that he was not able to bring Pecking-to-Paris to the automotive market after its debut. In an Interview, he said that it has always been his dream to put that vehicle into production. He further stated that they were almost 10 years ahead of our time and today there are lot of high-tech and high-performance SUVs on the market, but at that time there were very few.

2017 Spyker SUV

Do not expect to see hybrid Spyker in any auto event because according to CEO, hybrid vehicles are pretty complex in terms of its packaging and cooling is also a big issue. Considering C8 Preliator will begin at over $350,000, this new SUV of Spyker will no doubt be very expensive if it reaches production line.

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