Spring Carlisle 2016: Best Place to Buy and Sell Automotive Products

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Spring Carlisle, a collector and classic car swap meet, car corral and auction will held from April 12- April 14, 2016 at Automotive Hometown, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Not only this event is the best one in world but it also marks the beginning of Carlisle-based events and swap meet season.

Event timing:

Wed.-Sat. 7am-6pm

 Sun. 7am-3pm

Auction Timing is:

Thursday & Friday, 3-10pm

Spring Carlisle plays host to thousands of collector and classic car enthusiasts. They are going to travel from all over the world to buy, sell and celebrate all products related to automotive world.

This event is a fun-filled weekend where people of every age group will enjoy. With exploring the 8,100 vending spaces and grounds, visitors will also be able to see one of the largest automotive swap meets in the world.

Spring Carlisle is the best place to buy any of the 2000 vehicles at the car corral. Attendees will also get the chance to get behind the wheel of these vehicles to examine every part of them. Best part is you can deal directly with the auto owner to work out the best price. Another good-news for you is that all parts of these vehicles will be available at online auto parts superstore once they launch at this event.

New for 2016 is that this show joins together Performance and Style with Import and Kit Nationals. This new-reinvested show will welcome domestics, import, kit cars and trucks from all around the world. Visit AS Auto Parts Blog to know everything about automotive world.

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