What is the function of rear view mirror switch?

Rear View Mirror Switch

All of us are aware of the importance auto mirrors hold in our lives. They are essential components that provide visibility to car’s rear and other sides. Agreed, they are important for safe driving but sometimes they become a major source of discomfort. If you have ever been blinded by the glare of headlights behind you, you would know what torture it is. If your car’s mirror is disturbing, know it that it can always be adjusted by a small switch fixed at the bottom of aftermarket rearview mirror.

While on road, drivers keep on checking rearview mirror to make sure that no danger lurks behind. It can be some over speeding vehicle or tailgaters. You should also be aware of hecklers and cars driven by high dozed drivers. Auto mirrors do not only help us in anticipating threats but also have a major role in contemplating our next move. These mirrors keep us cautious so that we do not over take or stop car immediately. All this show that auto mirrors are important for safety concerns and require small sized rear view mirror switches for proper functioning.

What Does the Switch Do?

Manual rearview mirrors come equipped with small sized switch or tab installed at the bottom of mirror. You have to move this switch up and down in order to make mirrors move. Every change in switch’s position causes change in mirrors working. For instance, flip it one way and you will be driving in daytime mode where everything is perfectly clear. Then if you flip it the other way, it will change to nighttime mode. Remember that this mode is suitable only when it is dark outside otherwise the reflection will be dim and you will face difficulty in driving.

How these Switches Work?

The working of rearview mirror switches is simple. If you have ever noticed, the glass of rear view mirror is not flat. It is a wedge of glass whose one side is thicker than the other one. This wedge moves whenever the switch is flipped. This flipping change that way light passes through mirror and how it is reflected back. Rear view mirror switch are easy to use, simple to work and help in smooth functioning of mirrors working.

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