Prototypes of 2016 Toyota Prius Will Be On Roads Soon

Toyota Prius 2016

Launch of 2016 hybrid car Toyota Prius seems to be getting closer day by day as the prototypes are being tested on streets all around the world. In North America, a camouflaged Toyota Prius was video filmed on a gas station few months ago and similarly another prototype of the 2016 Toyota Prius was spotted cruising streets of Thailand. According to some reports, this new hybrid Toyota Prius will be fitted with back alloy rims and will be bit sportier than its predecessors. Initial design was sent back to company for amendments which has caused some delays so far.

2016 Toyota Prius is believed to have been inspired from the design taken from the Toyota C-HR concept car which was showcased during the 2014 Motor Show in Paris. Official date has yet to be announced by Toyota for the release of the 2016 Toyota hybrid, but chances are that the new hybrid car will be launched at the Los Angeles auto Show in November. Launch can also happen at the 2016 Detroit auto Show to be held in January. According to some reports, the production of the Toyota Prius will not happen until October of 2016. There is no word on pricing yet but with hybrid demand and gasoline cost, it is expected that Toyota will keep the starting price around $25000.

Base model of the new hybrid Toyota Prius will use the same nickel hydride battery pack with an optional Lithium ion battery in a more expensive trim model which will be more fuel efficient. This new Prius is believed to be more fuel efficient with an EPA of about 55 mpg. Apart from a better fuel economy, 2016 Toyota Prius will have more spacious cabin and a cargo area and more optional high tech features. Some of the downside of upcoming Toyota hybrid is poor acceleration which is quite understandable from a hybrid car. There is also a little improvement for handling.

This new 2016 Toyota Prius will be a part of fourth Generation hybrid vehicles and the Japanese carmaker are now doing more than just providing its customers a fuel efficient vehicle. In terms of powertrains technology, 2016 Toyota Prius will have same 2.9-liter four-cylinder engine but it is heavily revised to upgrade thermal efficiency and minimize friction. Toyota is trying its level best to make the new Prius socially acceptable by giving it a new sportier design along with a better fuel efficient vehicle.

This new model of Toyota will have active safety features under Toyota’s Safety Sense package. These features will be lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection. All these safety features will be based on new camera and radar sensors in Prius. Some people even say that by redesigning the Toyota Prius, the Japanese auto maker is playing a game of gambling here.

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