How Does the Power Mirror Switch Work?

Power Mirror Switch Works

There can be several reasons of a dysfunctional power mirror switch. It’s most common cause is a bad power window's motor. Other reasons include faulty switch, worn out regulator or the cable can be off of one of the pulleys. Considering the excessive use of power windows these switches burn out rapidly. According to a recent survey, majority of auto technicians have accepted that they fix hundreds of power mirror each year. These windows are now available in all latest makes and models and are operated through special switches. Let’s learn more about the working of these switches below.

Working of Power Mirror Switch:

Basically, power mirror switch is two rocker switches, manufactured into a single plain housing. You will find each switch connected to two different wires which are further connected to separate reversible direct current motor. This motor is installed inside rear view mirror of each door. Rear view mirrors in all makes and models come equipped with two direct current motors. One of the motor controls the upward and downward function while the other one is in charge of left and right movement of window.

Found inside power mirror switch, both of these rocker switches are in constant contact with vehicle’s electrical ground circuit. When a switch is pressed in any random direction, this switch creates a connection between one of the wire and power motor, having 12 volts DC. During this the other circuit stays connected with ground. When it is all done, the electric current will flow from switch to the direct current motor and you will be able to move the mirror head in desired direction. If the same switch is pressed in opposite direction, the electric current will be reversed to the mirror motor and it will move in opposite direction.

Thanks to high end technology, all latest car models come equipped with control modules. These electronic computers are used to operate power mirrors. Unlike before, where power mirror switches have to do a lot of work, switches in these latest models are now only used to provide simple and direct command signal to the control module. This also indicates the exact direction. You should also know that switch in this case is not directly connected to the mirror motors.

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