New Driver Monitor System Unveiled by Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Driver Monitor System with Intel

Safety has become a serious concern for auto manufacturers because of increasing number of misfortunes on roads. Technology is playing a vital role in overcoming such mishaps. To minimize number of accidents which take place because of stressed and absent-minded drivers, Jaguar Land Rover has released series of advanced research projects with a specific goal of developing various safety technologies. These technologies are innovative in nature than the traditional safety systems installed in several other vehicles.

This initiative of research projects are a protraction of Jaguar Land Rover’s former proposals to present cutting edge technology which would make cars secure and safe for passengers. It will also end up giving smooth driving experience and making ride comfortable. There are a large number of fatalities caused by road accidents for which drivers are responsible because of their absent mindedness. According to proper statistics 3,000 deaths and 400,000 injuries have been observed in the year of 2012. Similarly in the years between 2009 and 2013, 21% of road crashes ended in loss of human lives.

New System has been introduced which utilizes the technology of Intel Real Sense and Intel Edison. This application makes use of facial expressions to make sure whether driver is drowsy, preoccupied by thoughts or just plain not watching the road.  This has been made possible in collaboration with Intel and Jaguar Land Rover. Currently Driver Monitor Systems are implemented in Jaguar Land Rover just for display for a Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

This technology of monitoring brainwaves was first introduced by NASA for keeping pilot’s attention towards the work so he is not distracted. Moreover it is also used for athletes who are a part of US bobsleigh team. Jaguar Land Rover has declared that tests for this system are currently underway and we plan to involve some of the famous neuroscientists who could assist in its development process.

There is also this new system which is designed to detect the driver’s concentration even if his eyes are on road. This is called Mind Sense. It detects which of the several frequencies of brainwaves emerging from driver’s head are most authoritative, thus figuring out their inner state of mind.

System uses implanted sensors and an on-board computer device to record brainwaves via the driver’s fingers on the steering wheel. When interviewed, Dr Wolfgang Epple, director of research and technology at Jaguar Land Rover stated that company believes that there are some technologies which at present are being used in medicine and aerospace could upgrade road safety. It also improves the quality of driving with a trouble free control over basic functions of vehicles.

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