What Are The Major Symptoms of Bad Idler Arm?

idler arm

There are several issues that can result into serious problems of the steering wheel. Among all other components, idler arm should be checked and maintained regularly. The parallelogram steering linkage system is the most common and traditional form that car’s steering rack takes. Idler arm is one and most important of three pieces which is fit four tie rods. These are fit together to make up the parallelogram shape.

Pitman arm, which is the counterpart of idler arm, is attached to the steering gear. It functions to transfer the motions of the steering link directly to center link, front wheels and tie rods. In most of the vehicles, it acts as pivoting support on the passenger’s side of the car. You will find it attached at the opposite end of center link. Further, it transfers steering motions to the passenger’s side of the car. Once people realize the real role of idler arm, they get an idea when things start to go wrong.  If the following changes or problems arise in your vehicle handling, they could point back to an idler arm that is damaged or malfunctioning.

Major Symptoms of Bad Idler Arm

  1. Road Walking

The phenomenon of car wandering or weaving back and forth automatically is called as road walking or road wandering. If a driver is attentive, steady and has good control on steering, but is facing road walking, there will be a lot of difficulty in keeping the car straight. It is a scary phenomenon and is mostly caused by bad idler arm. When this happens, make sure to get an immediate replacement of idler arm. If you want to place an online order, online auto parts superstore is the best place to shop from. You will be served with favor and affordable prices. We also guarantee massive collection of car parts and the components, of all makes and models here. 

  1. Play in Wheel

If you have started feeling that there is some problem with idler arm or they have become a victim of bad condition, its symptoms can now be tested in a safer and smoother condition than road walking. When the car is still, move the steering wheel to check how much functional it is. If a wheel is moved considerably from side to side, with less resistance it means steering wheel has a lot of play. While you definitely do not want your car to be unresponsive at the time of steering maneuvers, a wheel with less and limited resistance indicates a problem in idler arm.

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