Least Expensive Model of Aston Martin: 2015 Vantage V8 GT


For purchasing leading automobiles, People assume that bulk of dollars have to be spent. When it comes to Aston Martin, the perception still prevails that it is not a car for people of low budget. But as an exception with the start of this fall, Aston Martin has offered a car which is quite less expensive.

Cost-effective Car in Aston Martin’s Lineup

Brand new V8 Vantage GT coupe is now available for $102,725 and for a roadster, it costs only $117,225. These prices are cheaper than the standard ones offered by Aston Martin. A pretty much good deal it is. This car comes in different combinations of colors which are really eye catching for buyers:

  • Alloro Green with white
  • Skyfall Silver with anthracite
  • Mariana Blue with silver
  • Jet Black with silver
  • Speedway White with silver

Most famous one being sold in market is Mariana blue with silver touch in it.Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT

Stylish Exterior of 2015 Vantage V8

There are number of subtle exterior touches that make this GT model separate from rest of Vantage offerings. It includes black fabric top, black exterior trim on hood vent meshwork, window trim, headlamp bezels and tailpipes. Vantage V8 GT also comes exclusively with dark painted, diamonds-turned 19-inch wheels and clear-lens tail lamps.

All Vantage V8 models come with same profile. They have low hood line, smooth and laid-back windshield. You can also choose from a series of incredible liveries with optional graphics pack for Vantage V8’s exterior. Inspired by racing car of Aston, liveries include special details for grille, two-tone paint jobs, and rear-diffuser and mirror caps.

There are very few automobiles which are as elegant as Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT. 2015 model comes with all the styling elements that made DB9 a success but this model is in smaller frame. Vantage V8 GT is luxuriously effective with its stylish flip-out door handles and intricate HID headlights (High-intensity-discharge lights) with inner LED indicators.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Several high performing systems including quick ratio steering rack, sport exhaust system, and taut suspension tuning are aimed by Aston Martin for gear heads with the Vantage GT. Each of these, influenced by company’s own motorsport patrimony is part of one big deal you will pay for. All these give GT a distinctive appeal among the existing brand lineup.

Luxurious Cabin

All 2015 V8 Vantage GT are excessively accessorized. Inside of this 2015 model is leather lined which gives an exotic first look. Again different color schemes have been used to make the interior of car different. This time Aston Martin uses black and gray color in interior with piano black trim, gray, red, yellow or black accents in Vantage V8 GT.

Seats in this model resemble the one found in V12 Vantage. There is also a navigation system, seat embroidery, electronic climate control, GT sill plaques, tire pressure monitoring system and one of Aston Martin’s popular glass keys.

Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT

For passenger entertainment, Aston Martin added 160-watt six-disc audio system in Vantage V8 GT. It is capable of playing audio from smart phones thanks to an USB connection and an iPod interface. There is also an optional 700-watt Aston’s premium audio system with Dolby Pro Logic II support.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT 2015

V8 Vantage GT by Aston Martin might not be the fastest car on road today. It may also not be the cheapest in the list of its similar functioning models or ranked as best on any sort of quantifiable scale. But for many people V8 Vantage is the most beautiful car which has got several updates including a rear view camera, heated seats, cruise control and Sport mode for V-8 modes. For standard eight cylinders, it also has hot a sport exhaust.

Like Vantage N430, this 2015 model V8 GT can also be obtained with an optional 1000-watt Bang & Olufsen Beo-sound system. With this system in V8, engine’s roar can be covered.

Powerful Engine in 2015 Vantage V8

In a time period of 15 years, Aston Martin has made radical change in its vehicles in terms of styling, performance and working. Of all vehicles of Aston Martin no car embodies that significant development than the V8 Vantage.

Beyond the shadow of doubt it is the only car that has played a vital role in improvement of brand over the past decade. It is available in market either as an efficient coupe or a thrilling roadster. Motivated by Aston’s 4.7 liter naturally aspirated V8 Vantage GT produces 430 horsepower at 7000 rpm and 361 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm. This makes its output equal to V8 Vantage S.

Engine used in Vantage V8 GT is relatively old compared to newer engines offered by Audi, Porsche and Mercedes. But this unit still has healthy slug of power when compared to above models.

Impressive Power and Performance

Power is transferred to either rear wheels through a regular six speed non-automatic gearbox (Only model of Aston Martin which still offer it) or through Sport shift 2. It can also be transferred through a high seven speed single clutch and automated manual transmission. Vantage V8 GT accelerates to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds with a maximum speed of 190 mph.

Although this model’s performance is not that amazing but you won’t feel it while driving. Everything in 2015 model works in harmony so effectively. Driving this new version of Aston Martin is genuinely an engaging experience.

Smaller yet Desirable Vehicle

V8 Vantage GT when compared with its stable mates is a small sized vehicle which is readily approachable by buyers. It is more closely packed than Vanquish and its body is about 13.5 inches smaller, 2 inches narrow and is closer to ground for about 1.3 inches than other models. It weighs 3549 pounds which makes it a desirable option for buying.

Average Features in Vantage V8 GT’s Cabin

With a lavish look this car comes with several flows in technology which was observed in car tests at the time of its launch. And it tends out to be a disappointment for buyers. Radio, navigation system and climate controls of car are too much of chaos.

 Several knobs and buttons on the center stack give a low rented look. Wiper control stalks and turn signals have fragile low priced feel like they would break in your hands. Digital readouts in Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT clusters look obsolete as if they have been borrowed from a low quality place.

Key Competitors

Although 2015 Vantage V8 GT is still expensive than its competitors like Porsche 911 Carrera S, Mercedes-Benz SL550 and Audi R8 but it still is different from these vehicles. It’s much lighter and more agile than SL or Gran Turismo.

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