Jaguar’s Most Awaited Car “Jaguar F Pace” Will Be on Road In 2016

Jaguar F Pace

Market of Jaguar is currently on decline as its competitors are selling more number of cars then the Jaguar’s products. The reason behind this scene is the features and price of its competitors. Even Land Rover is beating Jaguar due to its top quality cars at economical prices. Jaguar is well aware of the situation and company is only waiting for the right time to launch its most awaited car, which they named as “Jaguar F Pace”

Company is expecting that this model will give a boost to their organization as Jaguar has equipped it with many competitive features. 340-hp 3.0 liter super charged V-6 engine would give this vehicle top-notch speed to beat its competitors. While company has secretly placed its engine vertically to give a balance to this vehicle at the top speed. It also helps to balance car more efficiently.

Jaguar used pure Aluminum for the production of the car body that’s why it is lightweight and can get top-notch speed in seconds. It is expected that it will cover the maximum American auto market share in the year of its launching. Company will introduce its 2017 model in the year 2016. Many Jaguar lovers are waiting for this vehicle and it can give tough competition to the competitors of Jaguar. This supercharged vehicle may be selling around the figure of $50,000. As company will consider the market competition and a higher price tag can disturb its plans so it is highly expected that Jaguar will launch it around the fig of $50,000.

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