Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept of BMW Leaked in China

BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Number of sketches from Patent office in China has been recently leaked. According to CNC (Car News China), these patents are for new hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle by BMW. Although this model is still going to take few years from making its official debut but this concept will be presented at 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show later this month.

Drawings showed that hydrogen car comes with a cab forward design and is an excellent interpretation of German brand’s front-end styling. Rear design is shown as taut and angular. According to sketch, entire body of BMW’s hydrogen car has an aerodynamic teardrop shape.

BMW hydrogen fuel cell car will be an ‘I’ but the number is not confirmed yet. It seems to fit somewhere between i3 and i8. According to leaked documents, this new car of BMW will be a compact three-door vehicle. It will look like i8 hybrid sports car and i3 electric car.

Despite modern styling elements such as grille and headlights, Car News China pointed out that there will be some concept of 1990 car about this vehicle’s look. You would not have to wait long to see if these sketches are real or not as 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is going to start on November 18.

Last week at Tokyo Motor Show, BMW’s head of fuel cell development Merten Jung stated in an interview that his company is planning to launch this vehicle in market after 2020. He further added that they do not have model yet but as our technology favors bigger cars so our new model will likely be something like a larger sedan or long distance vehicle.

BMW’s hydrogen car will probably be larger than Honda’s Clarity FCEV that was presented at Tokyo Show last week or Toyota’s mid-sized Mirai. BMW stated that it is developing a car, which would travel further than Toyota Mirai using compressed hydrogen. Mirai can travel around 700 kilometers on single hydrogen fueling.

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