How to Replace LED License Plate Light Yourself?

License plate of every vehicle makes the automobiles legal to drive. A light on these plates ensures that it is also visible in dark. It is called tag light, which you can find easily at online auto parts superstore.

Like other lights of cars, this light can also burn out and if this happens with you, there is no need to take your car to any mechanic for its repairing. You can do it easily at home with only one tool that is screwdriver. Following are the instructions with the help of which you can change your car’s tag light:

Things You Need:

  1. New tag light bulb
  2. Flat-head screwdriver

6 Simple Steps to Change LED License Plate light:

Systematically guide is given below so you can easily replace license plate light at your home yourself. This do it yourself guide will definitely saves your mechanic cost.

  1. Remove the Current Tag light

Firstly, you need to remove the old tag light in order to install the new one. To do so, locate the clip that is keeping this light in its place. It is usually at the right side of light. Once you have found it, use a flat-head screwdriver to push the clip in. The light will easily be pulled out of its cavity once these clips are pressed in.

  1. Remove the Filter

After the entire light mechanism has been pulled out of car, remove the filter. To do so, hold the plastic cover of the filter over the tag light. Turn the filter now in clockwise direction and pull it off. Put the filter aside to start the next step.

  1. Remove the Old Tag light bulb

When you pull the filter off the tag light, a light bulb will be exposed. Hold it and pull it out. Discard this bulb, as there is no use of it now.

  1. Install New Light bulb

After discarding the faulty light bulb, put the new one in its place. Once it is fitted, test the light by turning on your car’s battery. If the light bulb works, proceed to next step.

LED License Plate Lights

  1. Replace the Light Filter

Replace the light filter, now that the new bulb is installed and properly working. For replacing filter, put it on top of the newly installed bulb and turn it counter clockwise to pop the filter into its place. Once it is replaced, put the entire light back into the cavity above your car’s license plate.

  1. Place the Light Back into Your Vehicle

Once you have reassembled the light and filter, place the light back into your vehicle. Push the light back into its tab until you hear a clicking sound. It means that an entire light mechanism is back into its place. Make sure you put the left side first so that the other side properly snaps into its place.

Having a tag light is good way to ensure that your vehicle is visible to other drivers on road. Its replacement is not difficult in case they stop working. With the help of above stated instructions, you can easily complete this task at home without spending your money.

There are many kinds or colors of tag lights that you can install in your vehicle. Some of the most famous are LED lights, which produce a bright white light onto your car’s license plate. If you want to purchase these lights, check out our website’s Headlights and Lighting section. You will find all types of headlights here.

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