How to Replace Hazard Switch in Car

How to Change Hazard Switch

Hazard switches are used to turn on hazard lights to let other drivers know about your car problems when you are in middle of road. Turning these lights on is simple. You just have to flick your hazard switch and these lights start flashing. Howbeit, like other car parts, hazard switch can also wear out. You must replace them immediately as they will stop flashing lights, which can be dangerous and unsafe for you and other drivers.

2 Easy Methods to Replace Bad Hazard Switch

Replacing hazard switches is not a rocket science. You can easily fix this without paying mechanics big bucks. With use of basic tools and easy instructions, you can replace your car’s bad hazard switch and get back on road in no time.
Hazard switches location varies from model to model. You can refer your car repair manual to know its specific location. In case your car’s hazard switch is attached to turn signal or steering column, make sure you disarm your car’s battery first before replacing hazard switch. Doing so will prevent your vehicle’s airbags from deploying. You also need to press your brake a few times so that any remaining electricity can be dispelled.

1. Replacement of Hazard Switch in Steering Column

You can replace your hazard switch in more than one way, depending on location of it in your vehicle. In case it is located in steering column, start replacing process by unfastening screws with Philips heads screwdriver. These screws holds flasher switch to retainer bracket. Now disconnect electrical wiring connector and remove hazard light switch.
Replace old switch with new one now and reconnect brand new switch to electrical wiring connector. Now you need to replace screw that attach flasher switch to its retaining bracket. Turn on your car’s hazard light by using this new switch to check whether they are now working or not.

2. How to Replace Hazard Switch Located on Turn Signal?

Procedure of replacing malfunctioned hazard switch is different and you have to do little more work if it is located on turn signal. First, you need to remove air bags and face of steering wheel. Now remove clock-spring and steering column by unfastening clips that are holding it.
There is single Allen nut or torx bolt that holds turn signals onto steering wheel. You need to remove them also. You will now see clips, which have some locks on them. Press these locks so that they can be released from lock tab.
Disconnect wiring harness straps from steering column’s wiring harness but make sure you don’t pull on the wires. It can damage your turn signals. You just have to remove plugs by pulling on these plugs themselves.
It’s time to remove malfunctioned hazard switch and you can do it by using thin screwdriver. There will be four torx screws which you need to take off to remove old switch. Once you are done with that, put the new switch in same place and replace all screws and parts, which you pulled off. Once everything is back in its place, check out new hazard switch by tuning it on.
There are many times when hazard switch stops working because of dirt or debris on it. Make sure you check this before starting the long replacement process. In this case, you can use compressed air or electrical contact spray to remove dirt.
If this does not work with you, it means hazard switch hasn’t stopped functioning because of any debris or dirt. In this case, you can replace your switch by using above stated methods.

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