How to Replace Flat Tire with Spare One?

Flat Tyre Replacement

Flat tire is the worst thing than can stop your vehicle at any place. If the place is out of the city and no professional can be hired than the situation becomes more dangerous. You should always remain prepare for such situations so you could never be stuck helpless. Here are the tools that you should always have in your vehicle especially when you plan to visit a place outside the city. The essential tools you must have are Torch, Car jack, Wrench and spare tire. These basic tools can save you from stucking due to flat tire. Now if you have all the above-mentioned tools then you should follow the following steps to easily replace a flat tire with your stepney.

1. Park At A Safe Place

First step is to find a safe place where you can proceed without any danger of animals or passing by cars. Side of the road is best place for tire replacement in most cases. You can also use warning signs to aware the passing vehicles that your vehicle is under maintenance process. Turn on your parking signal to make your car prominent on the road and never forget to use hand brake to keep your vehicle stuck at the same place. Now you are ready to proceed for the next step to change your tire.

Exchange Tyre

2. Loosen nuts before car lifting

Get your wrench and loose the lug nuts of the flat tire. Remember that it is difficult to lose the nuts after the car is lifted on a jack. You should not remove the nuts completely, instead you should only lose the nuts. You can use a lug wrench in counter clockwise direction to lose the nuts. After losing all the bolts, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Loosen Tyre Nuts

3. Use Jack to Lift Car

Locate the pinch flange under the car body and place you jack at this place to lift your car. You may have to lift your car about 6 cm to change the flat tire with spare one. After lifting the car you should remove the loosen lugs and nuts to completely pull of the flat tire from the wheel. You can use the long jack rod in clockwise direction to pull up your vehicle. Remove flat tire and place it in the trunk for puncture repair while get the spare tire out from the trunk for replacement.

Jacked the Car

4. Install Spare tire

Install the spare tire at the place of the wheel and move it in forward direction with to check that it is positioned well. Now find the lug bolts and tighten them on the wheel with your fingers only. Double check that the tire is moving freely and it is positioned as your vehicle requires.

Tightened the Tyre

5. Lower your car

Now lower your car by moving jack in the opposite direction and afterwards use the lug wrench to tighten the bolts. You should use maximum human force to tight the lugs so you can drive smoothly without any hesitation. Now spare tire is properly installed in your car and you can continue your journey. Replacement of flat tire is as simple as the replacement of a battery, the right tools and their use with right techniques is essential to change the bad thing so you can enjoy your drive smoothly.

Tyre Changed 

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