Steps To Replace A Car Battery By Yourself

Battery is the power house of any vehicle and it fulfills all the electricity needs of the car. Charging of the car battery is disturbed with the passage of time and you need to replace the battery with new one to use all the electrical equipment of your car smoothly. Mechanics highly charge for the replacement of your vehicle’s battery although it’s very simple. But the question arises that how to replace car battery yourself? Don’t worry we are here to help you. We are going to tell you the step by step process by which you can easily do the car battery replacement by yourself.

  1. Purchase a new battery for the model of your car. Be sure to only use the recommended car battery as it effects on the performance of your car. You can use any online website of auto parts or can visit market to get the perfect battery for your model.
  2. Turn your engine off and then lift the hood to locate the older battery and remove its negative terminal which is of black color. You can use wrench to loosen the bolts while battery wrench is perfectly made to replace the car battery.
  3. Afterward you have to remove the positive cable with the same purpose as stated supra.
  4. Use wrench to remove the battery hold down clamps.
  5. Pull the battery out from the battery tray. You can use the handle given on the upper side of the battery or can hold the battery from bottom to safely remove it from your vehicle.
  6. Use a battery cleaning solution to clean the battery tray as some corrosion can be expected there which can damage your new battery.
  7. Clean the car battery connectors with a wire brush or you can use the battery solution to clean the heavy corrosions.
  8. Place the new battery in the battery tray and tight it in its place with the help of battery clamps.
  9. Clean the battery terminals with anti-corrosion solution to protect them from future corrosion.
  10. Attach the positive connector with the battery and tight it with the help of battery wrench.
  11. Join the negative terminal with the car battery following same process as mentioned in the above point.
  12. Ensure the electrical connections are perfect, for this you have to move it back and forth, if you find any movement then you should need more tightening so you can avoid sparking.

By following above mentioned points you can easily replace battery of any vehicle. This will save your money and time, same like you can also change your flat tire easily and it will surely save your mechanic cost. Always remember the precautions as stated above to ensure your safety while changing the battery. Keep checking your battery to have a smooth drive always.

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