How To Remove Chrome Door Handles Safely?

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Chrome door handles are an inexpensive, cosmetic cover for standard black plastic that comes with truck or car directly out of factory. When these chrome covers are new, they add shine and sophistication that simple, flat door handles cannot offer.

Chrome door handles can deteriorate and leaving your car with flawed appearance with the passage of time. When this chrome wears out, you will find that original black handles still exist underneath the chrome covers.  Get quality door handles for your vehicle from online auto parts superstore.

Depending on strength of adhesive, you might consider replacing the chrome handles once you removed them. As adhesive for chrome covers is very strong so it’s not easy to remove it. But AS Auto Parts Blog has some tips for you with the help of which you can do this task pretty easily. Following are the ways to remove chrome door handles:

  1. Do this Task on Hot Day

All glues and adhesives soften when they are exposed to heat. Chrome door handles on your vehicle will be easier to use if you leave car sitting in warm sun for several hours.

In case you are trying to remove chrome in the middle of winter then consider bringing hair dryer out to your vehicle through an extension cord. Applying heat will soften the grip of adhesive and reduce chances of residual glue once you have pulled chrome away from car’s handles.

  1. Pry the Chrome Away

Find the edge of chrome handles with the help of flat-headed screwdriver or other thin prying tool. Depending on how well your vehicle’s chrome handles are attached, you might need to start with finely edged tool to simply loosen chrome pieces.

  1. Pull Chrome Off

You will need to tear chrome covers off the door handles eventually. It requires a bit of force but will come out. Even after pulling chrome, you will likely be left with some residual adhesive by double tape that held chrome handles to vehicle.

  1. Use Rubber Pad

You need to use rubber pad to remove majority of adhesive left on handles especially to eliminate double sided tape and pin striping. These pads are designed to reduce amount of time it takes to pick up the adhesiveness left behind.

  1. Use Solvent

Once the majority of stickiness has been removed, use solvent to wipe away any of the tape or glue. These solvents have strong odor and may be little greasy. You will need to use disposable cloth to apply adhesive.

Some solvents are available in kits with plastic razor blades. These can remove adhesive without damaging your car’s door handles. Find the components of your vehicle and door handles from online auto parts superstore at the most affordable rate.

  1. Clean the Handle

Clean door handle with window cleaner such as grease-cutting cleaner. All of the adhesive from chrome handles will be removed easily with this. In case you find any adhesive then repeat the steps with rubber pad and solvent until all the glue is gone.

Start by inspecting your vehicle’s door handles. Some cars might not have cosmetic covers but are constructed of chrome hardware. Removing these handles will require different set of tools.

Once you know that chrome handles are made of cosmetic cover pieces, use online auto parts superstore to purchase them. Read through each product description to ensure the item is exactly what you want.

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