How to Quickly Replace Kick Plates of Car

Car Kick Plates Replacement

Kick plates are best use to protect lower portion of car door from small bumps and severe scratches. Like any other car part or component, these plates get damaged after limited use. If they are worn out, there is an immediate need of replacement. Following steps give complete and detailed instructions on replacement of kick plates.

Step 1 – Remove Kick Plates from Car Door

Kick plates are attached to car door with dozens of small sized screws. These screws hold plates firmly and keep them attached to lower portion of door. What you have to do here is remove all screws with the help of screwdriver. Once they are taken out, you will have the entire area unexposed. Clean it with small piece of cloth and remove dirt and grime that is slowly damaging car door. If your vehicle’s door gets damaged in some accident and you want to replace it, you must visit our online auto parts superstore for best quality products.

Step 2 – Mark the Area of Door

Kick plates are available in universal sizes. You have to make sure that replacement plates are of same size as previous ones. Accurately measure door’s center and mark different areas on new kick plates with the help of chalk. These marks are important as they are for holes where you will be setting screws. It is helpful for a perfect fit. Besides this replacement, you should also know how to remove chrome door handles by yourself.

Step 3 – Drill Holes on Kick Plates

Start drilling holes in areas that have been marked with chalks previously. This will result in accurate and perfect installation of kick plates to vehicle’s door.

After this there remains no need if drilling new holes as the existing ones are sufficient and will serve the purpose. In case you have not marked areas for holes before, then you will have to do the drilling work. Search for different spots, get drill, mark positions with chalk and start drilling.

Step 4 – Set Car Kick Plates to Door

As last and final step you have to apply masking tape for short period of time. It will help in setting kick plates to vehicle’s door. If you have done that, there will be no need of any assistant or professional help. You can do it all by yourself. Start with reinstalling kick plates with the help of screwdriver. Drive screws on different parts and then tighten them with a small sized screwdriver. Before ending the task do not forget to check the tightness of these plates. Once done, take out the masking tape which was holding plates fixed to car door temporarily.

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