How to Quickly Repair Flat Tubeless Tire

Tubeless Flat Tire

Flat tires of vehicles, mostly tubeless tires, are responsible for hundreds of problems. Such tires do not make use of internal tubes to keep air in but air is held inside tires and come with an airtight steel body.

It is completely sealed with a sealant and further utilizes a combination and mixture of rubber encasing steel and nylon cords. With this combination, you can create strong yet flexible cushion for your car. This kind of rubber is especially vulcanized and has the capacity to create solid blockade for different road related hazards. It also protects tires from sharp and edgy objects. If you have got punctured tire, you can fix it by using plug patch grouping. Automobile repair kit can also be used to repair punctured tires. Following steps provide detailed instructions to repair your flat tubeless tire.

Step 1: Raise Tire

Start with raising tire from ground and place jack under its axle. Keep raising vehicle until the point comes where tire has no physical connection with ground. You should also employ emergency brake so complete safety is ensured. If you own truck, you must know how to replace flat truck tires by yourself.

Step 2: Remove Obstructions

Now remove all or any obstructions that have been penetrated deep inside tires of your cars. These can be in the form of screws, small pins and shattered glass pieces. Use pliers to remove them.

Step 3: Clean Hole

Open up repair kit, take out probe and smoothly insert it in hole. You have to pull it in and out several times so the hole gets cleaned properly. Once done, take out the lubrication that is available in kit and immerse probe in it. Finally reinsert it back in hole.

Step 4: Attach Plug to Hook

At this point, you need to attach plug to hook. Push it through the hole and then pull it out. Get a wire cutter and snip the plug for almost ΒΌ inches from surface of tire. If you want to purchase hooks and plugs for your car, visit our online auto parts superstore.

Step 5: Pump Air

As final move, pump air into tire. Keep pumping until tire reaches the same pressure that is mentioned in car manual and is also recommended by factory. Do not forget to check plug for any kind of leaks in it. In case you find a leak, repeat same process with two plugs. Once you are done with the entire task, lower your vehicle and take out jack. Now your car will rest on its tires.

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