How to Prepare Jeep Wrangler for Off-Roading?

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Some drivers buy Jeep Wrangler for its sporty, classic look and fun of cruising down country roads. Other want to use this vehicle for what it is truly made for which is off-roading.

Jeep Wrangler is built for difficult terrains in mind with heavy duty suspension and either removable hard-top or soft-top. This guide will explain how to prepare Wrangler for high performance and safety on off-road terrains.

Basic Maintenance Before off-Roading in Jeep

Things that are always necessary to inspect on vehicle are very crucial whenever you are getting ready for off-roading. It’s because breaking down in desert, mountains and other rural environments mean a much longer wait for help to arrive which can be both dangerous and frustrating.

Checklist that should be followed before each off-road trip includes refilling all fluids in Wrangler such as radiator coolant, windshield viper fluid, engine oil and brake fluid. Also make sure that the battery is tightly fastened, hoses are stable and not showing any signs of decay.

Each tire should be inflated properly and in good condition. Lastly, Command-Trac on-demand four-wheel-drive should be engaged before you head for sandy, snowy, hilly, rocky or muddy terrains. All these fluids and parts of wrangler can easily be purchased from online auto parts superstore.

4 Additions for Off-Roading

Having these additional functions for your Wrangler will help you whenever you are on off-road terrain:

  1. Skid Plates

Skid plates are sheets of metal that go beneath Jeep Wrangler to protect different components of it. It includes differential, steering box, oil pan, transmission and other valuable parts of undercarriage from damage by rocks, logs and debris encountered while off-roading.

  1. Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are metal tubes attached to the side of automobiles. They are often used by race cars to protect them during side impact collision. Nerf bars are also very useful addition to Jeeps. They shield Wrangler from damage whenever you are driving close to rocks. Get Nerf bars from online auto parts superstore as they only supply quality products.

  1. Roll Cages

All old models of Jeep Wrangler come with factory-installed roll bars. Roll cages offer more protection for drivers who use SUVs into off-road environments where flipping the Jeep is real possibility.

Roll cages are a series of bars. They form a frame around the top of Jeep, protecting occupants and the vehicle from damage in the event of rolling over.

  1. Tires

Customizing Wrangler with bigger tires has several advantages for off-roading enthusiast. Larger tires add additional ground clearance which provides similar benefits as lift kits.

Bigger, off-road specific tires available for Jeeps are made to use with low tire pressure, allowing more stability and agility to SUV. Ideal size of tires for off-roading in Wrangler is between 29 and 35 inches.

Larger tires require the purchase of larger wheels. There are also tires that are designed with different types of treads meant for certain terrains. Online auto parts superstore has the availability of all types of tires and wheels in all sizes.

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