How to install seat belt extender easily?

Seat Belt Extender

Seat belt extender is an excellent innovation that gives passengers the relief to secure something that is bigger in size and can’t be held by standard seat belt of your car. It is also used if original seat belt is way too tight. Installation of this accessory is not as difficult as it may seem.

They are available in standard sizes, having perfect designs that will fit all local seat belts of your vehicle. You can purchase of variety of interior car products from our online auto parts superstore. Following steps will guide you on how to install them.

Step 1 – Get Right Seat Belt Extender

Seat belt extenders are available in all local automotive stores. You can even get them from a nearby store. If you face trouble in getting one, the other way is to make an online purchase. Fitting of these extenders are universal in size but length varies. Most common lengths are from 6 to 12inches. It comes with a kit that has required washers, nuts and screws. You will also need a spanner, so collect all tools before starting.

Step 2 – Detach the Seat Belt

Seat belt is usually tied to door frame with the help of heavy duty nuts and small sized bolts. To install new seat belt, you have to get rid of the older one. Open up the nuts, remove bolts and detach old seat belt from its assembly.  You should also know how to replace damaged seat belts all by yourself.

Step 3 – Put in the Seat Belt Extender

For new installation, insert new extender tightly in the place of removed seat belt. New bolts and nuts of seat belt extender must be put on flat side of extender. Further you will have to move it into metal suction, right from where old seat belt was detached. New bolts should face the inside of seat so passengers do not get hurt while getting in or out of their vehicle.

A washer should be placed on bolt that is placed between extender and seat belt. Get a wrench and tightly screw the nuts.

Step 4 – Finish Up

Before starting to use new seat belt, make sure that all bolts and nuts are tightened well. If they come loose, you will be at the risk of dangerous situation. So once the checking is done and you are completely satisfied with nuts, screws and bolts you can use your car again.

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