How to install GPS Tracking System in cars

GPS Tracking System for Cars

The trend of installing real time GPS tracking device in vehicles has increased over the past few years. It is an essential tool which measures car’s location and provides accurate results. This device allows people to obtain current and detailed information about car which gets tracked through a wireless network.

The reason for it being called “Real Time” is that it provides information as it happens. A SIM card gets installed in tracking service and car trackers have to pay a monthly subscription for this. This SIM card obtains information satellite and forward it to secure website where authorized individuals access the data and stay updated with movements of car in real time.  For different kinds of electronic automobile devices, you can visit our online auto parts superstore.

Reasons for Installing GPS Tracking Device:

  1. To keep check on teenage children driving pattern
  2. To know where exactly their car is at the moment
  3. To aid in recovery in case of vehicle theft
  4. To keep check on drivers location

Following steps will guide you to install GPS tracking device in your vehicle. Read them carefully and follow them in sequence for accurate results.

  • Step 1

Start with opening up gear console and take out fuel meter. It is important because you will monitor consumption through this meter.

  • Step 2

Take voltage reading for half, full and empty tank and while doing this, keep the engine running.

  • Step 3

Meter wire is singled out from the gear console so that it can be attached to GPS device.

  • Step 4

Before attaching meter wire to vehicle’s tracking gadget, another wire (earthling wire) has to be attached to GPS tracking device.

  • Step 5

Now take out GPS console and give a thorough check to all three sockets. These GPS devices come with GPS antenna, power auxiliaries and fuel.

  • Step 6

All three wires, fuel meter, earthling wire and the one coming from device to vehicle’s battery are attached to socket.

  • Step 7

The main purpose of installing this device in cars is to know its location without drivers knowing that they are being checked. Therefore the best to keep GPS device in cars is behind glove box.

  • Step 8

After attaching GPS device, wire the tracker with battery for power. It is easy to so. Slide the wire through bonnet and you are good to go.

  • Step 9

Before ending, make sure that wire is attached tightly to battery or not. The latter case will end up in severe short circuit.

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  1. Installing a Gps Tracker in a vehicle is just a matter of seconds and the device is easily movable from one vehicle to another specially when it is on self-power mode, It has built-in batteries that can provide up to a massive 60 days standby duration.

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