How to Fix Car’s Door Handle Yourself?

How to Fix a Car Door Handle

Door handles and locks on automobiles deteriorate over time especially when they are used in all-four season climate where they are exposed to several temperatures. Among all of the complex systems in cars, exterior door handles are usually taken for granted.

Door handles may look like simple pieces but these auto parts are crucial to occupant’s safety. Following are the necessary steps that will help you to replace a broken exterior door handle. It is fairly an easy job which can be performed at home.

  1. Purchase Door Handle Replacement

First step to change exterior door handles is to search the replacement part. You can easily find the replacement door handle at your local auto parts stop or you can search it at AS auto parts. Make sure you know your car’s make, model and year before buying door handles as there are no universal door handles for automobiles.

  1. Remove the Old Door Handle

You need to remove the interior door panel of your car to access exterior door handle. Door panels are held in their place with the help of screws so locating them should be your first step. Consult your car owner’s repair manual in case you don’t find them. These screws usually have plastic covers over them to prevent snagging so you need to remove these covers also.

Some door handles are secured by clips. They will release easily as you pull on the panel. Try pulling the interior door panel off with steady pressure in case you do not see any bolts. Use extra care while doing this as it can damage leather upholstery of your door panel. Exterior door handle hardware will be easily visible once the interior panel is removed.

  1. Remove Connections

Remove all the wiring connections to the door handle. Label each of them with the masking tape so that you can replace them later at the same place. Using a breakdown manual will also help you in disconnecting and reconnecting these wires.

  1. Install New Exterior Door Handle

Unbolt the exterior door handle and remove it from your car’s door. Put the replacement door handle in position and fasten it using the same hardware configuration which you found with old handle. Installation procedure of door handle is pretty simple. You just have to reverse the previous steps you followed to remove the old one.

Reconnect all the latch and links according to the labels. Close your car’s door and try the newly installed door handle for proper working. After testing it few times, replace the interior door panel carefully. Use rubber mallet and towel tap down all clips if your door panel is secured with them. Now replace any plastic bolt head covers to prevent tears and snags.

  1. Check the Door Hinges

Check the door hinges on your automobile for smooth working. Apply a coating of white grease or spray lubricant in case of squeaking.

Open and close your car door few times to work in the grease or lubricant. If your car doors are still sagging or do not open or close properly, door hinge pins need to be replaced. It is pretty easy job which you can do it yourself.

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