How to Easily Replace Radiator and its Components

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Radiator is an integral aspect of cooling system so whenever it is damaged, it can cause lot of problems. Malfunctioned cooling system may go unnoticed until it is too late. Overnight, smoke can start coming from engine which is an alarming situation for all drivers.

If paying for mechanic is not ideal for you then you can take the option of repairing cooling system yourself. Doing this job is not difficult if you have right tools, equipment and of course replacement parts. All these new or replace components are available at online auto parts superstore.

How to Replace Radiator?

Small leaks can be treated with radiator sealing. While one can get rid of small fixes pretty easily but many times entire radiator needs replacing. Gather the materials and start replacement process which is quite easy.

Start with draining the coolant into container. Disconnect negative cable and check hoses. Damaged hoses also need replacement along with radiator. Tight hose clamps and ones that will not tighten should also be replaced.

Once the coolant is drained, remove thermostat and upper coolant hose. Insert garden hose in its place and flush with water until clear. Make sure you also remove and flush coolant reservoir.

Disconnect all hoses from radiator. Penetrating oil on hose clamps prevents damage. Now disconnect fan motor and all electrical connectors. Use connecting bolts or penetrating oil before removing.

Examine radiator’s connections. Remove bolted braces from top and pull upwards. If after doing this you are still encountering resistance then examine remaining connections. Radiator must be free from hoses and connectors. Install replacement radiator in reverse now and do not over tighten hose clamps. Make sure you refill the coolant system.

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How to Replace Other Components of Cooling System?

Manual repairs can be completed easily in one day if you have determined the components which need replacement. Extensive mechanical training is not necessary.

 Repairing cooling system may not require replacing entire radiator. Replacing small pieces can also have large impact on your car’s operation. Following are these components of cooling system:

  1. How to Replace Thermostat?

In case thermostat in your vehicle is stuck open or closed then it can be replaced. You can do that yourself to save costs. Just make sure that you have correct part for your car before starting work.

  • Locate thermostat
  • Place two-gallon container under work area and remove clamp
  • Pull off hose and remove thermostat housing
  • Now remove and scrape off old gasket. Avoid dropping pieces into hole and replace it with new one.
  • Secure new thermostat and replace hose and hose clamp.
  1. How to Replace Water Pump?

If your vehicle’s water pump is leaking or making rattling sounds then it needs immediate replacement. Water pump varies from model to model so whenever you plan to replace it then ensure you have correct part.

It is necessary to disconnect negative battery terminal before your start working. You can find quality parts for your vehicle from online auto parts superstore only. Following is the way to replace water pump:

  • Drain coolant into container
  • Unfasten parts connected to pump including belts, alternator and brackets
  • Detach belts and hoses before removing water pump and remove leftover gasket material
  • Install new parts and replace brackets and hoses in reverse order
  • Seal buts and bolts to prevent leaks
  • Fill coolant system with water if its summer and half with antifreeze in winter.

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