How to Easily Repair an Air Intake Hose?

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If you are looking to increase your gas mileage then you need to check your car’s air intake systems and fuel injection system for possible problems. Many parts inside your car’s engine, including several hoses and belts wear out and even crack with the passage of time. It means you could be allowing dirt to clog up your vehicle’s engine.

One of the most common parts associated with dirty engine and increased fuel consumption is air intake hose. As the hose is made up of plastic, so it cracks or wears out easily. While some types of damage need full replacement, minor cracks and damage are easy to repair. Online auto parts superstore carries a complete line of automotive hoses and belts such as serpentine belts, radiator hoses and v belts.

  1. How to Find Leak?

First step in repairing an air intake hose is to find leak or crack. Although professional mechanics have devices, which are especially made for just this purpose such as Redline Smoke Pro, these tools are bit expensive for do-it-yourselfers.

In case crack or damaged area is not visible then you can either use propane torch or aerosol carburetor cleaner to find a leak. You can easily find them at online auto parts store.

  1. Repair Air Intake Hose

Start inspecting leaky area of hose to determine the length and width of crack once you have located it. If it is narrow then you can most likely repair hose easily and very quickly.

In case you see that crack in air intake hose is wide or hose is rigid because of its age then you need to repair it right away. You have to purchase heat-resistant glue or tape to repair your air intake hose.

  1. Use Plastic Epoxy for Repairing Process

Plastic Epoxy is a two-part epoxy that bonds plastics and is resistant to water, heat and solvents. To use it, you simply need to mix equal amounts of both parts and apply it to your vehicle’s air intake hose.

Make sure you remove air intake hose from vehicle before mixing epoxy, as it will be easy for you to work on it. Hold both sides together for at least five to seven minutes to allow bond to form after spreading epoxy on cracked portion of hose.

  1. Use Heat Shield Tape

In case you do not want to deal with all the mixing of plastic epoxy then you can also use heat shield tape to repair your air intake hose. Heat shield tapes stick to most clean surfaces and can withstand the heat generated by your car’s engine.

If you cannot easily access cracked area of air intake hose then you need to remove the hose from vehicle. You can also apply the tape on hose without removing it in case you have an access to area.

Once you have found leaks in your air intake hose, you can easily shop for necessary repair materials from online auto parts store. It offers huge selection of car parts at low prices. You can find wide-range of components here at this store, ranging from heat-resistant tape to car oil.

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  1. Tip number four about using heat shield tape is a really good thing to know about. I didn’t realize that a hose could be affected by heat. It seems like ti would be smart to talk to a professional about what hose would work best for your needs.

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