How to Easily Clean Interior of Automobile?

How to Clean an Automobile Interior

Keeping your vehicle’s interior clean is more than a matter of pride. This is after all, where you spend most of your time. No matter how careful you are, you cannot stop dirt from getting in your vehicle.

Most of it comes from yours and other occupant’s feet. Traffic fumes also get in through your air ventilation grills and windows. This dirt contains chemicals and grit that can eat away the surfaces of your vehicle’s interior in no time. Here are some practical cleaning tips that will leave your vehicle completely clean:

  1. Clean the Seats:

Make cleaning of car seats your top priority when thinking of cleaning interior to prevent seats from any damage. It will also minimize the dust and dirt from being pushed around. Seats are usually the dirtiest part of automobile but they are also the easiest to scrub clean.

  • How to Clean Leather Seats?

Leather seats are much easy to clean than cloth ones but they need more maintenance. First, use an upholstery attachment on indoor and outdoor vacuum to remove big crumbs and hair. Reach down in crevices of seat to remove all debris.

Next, use a saddle soap or leather cleanser to gently wipe and buff the seat. There are special mitts available that can be used for this job but a clean, lint-free cloth is best. Finally maintain the material with conditioner that is especially made for leather. You should do it regularly to prevent cracking.

  • How to Clean Cloth Seats?

Cloth seats should be vacuumed with upholstery attachment first. They do not need any special maintenance, although a protectant spray can be applied to prevent stains. In case cloth has stains or it is discolored, try using carpet cleaner with upholstery attachments to steam-clean it.

Rinse and dry your car seats so they do not mildew. While doing this job, make sure your car doors or windows are opened for air circulation. It will help the seats dry more quickly.

  1. Clean the Trim

Interior trim of any vehicle can become dusty, so use a dry cloth to wipe it down. Regular household cleaners should never be used on interior of cars as they can cause cracking or discoloration of dashboard.

There are auto cleaners which are especially made for this purpose. They are safe to use on auto trims so make sure you use one of them on your car’s interior if it has stains or dirt that is difficult to remove.

  1. Keep Windows Clean

Windows should only be cleaned with window cleaner. You can also make this cleaner at homeby mixing one part of ammonia in five parts of water or you can use special auto glass cleaner for this task. It can be purchased from any auto parts store or online auto parts superstore easily. These cleaners will leave your car windows sparkling clean.

Coffee filter or newspaper can also help you for streak-free cleaning. Paper towels or regular clothes can leave behind hazy film on window’s glass so make sure you avoid using them.

  1. Clean the Carpets

Carpets should be cleaned because they have lots of dirt and debris in them. To clean them, take out the vehicle mats and vacuum them well. Scrub the carpets after vacuuming with carpet cleaner and brush.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned them, put them in the sun to dry while the rest of your vehicle is cleaned. Now use vacuum to suck up dirt or debris on car’s floor. Crevice tool will be helpful to remove trash from any hard-to-reach areas.

  1. Shine the Interior

Finally it is time to make your car’s interior shiny. Use special trim protectant spray that is made for vehicle only. Spray it directly on dry cloth. Make sure you never use this spray or any other cleaner directly on car’s trim as it can accidently get on glass and leave haziness behind. Spray the cloth freely instead and then wipe each service with protectant.

  1. Do not Forget Trunk

Many people forget trunk area while cleaning their car. It can also get dirty so ensure you clean it too. Vacuum the interior of trunk properly and use special carpet cleaner on any stains especially dirty areas.

Once your vehicle is clean, use air freshener to make it fresh and smell nice. There are many scents available in market and some of them are made to smell just like new cars.Many of the supplies listed above can be found on online auto parts store.

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