Highest Ranked Car of 2015

Tesla Model S

Everyone who drives Tesla Model S totally loves this car. Part of that is because of this impressive, nearly silent ride, exciting performance and it is just so elegant and nice to look at. In its end of the year Best Cars of 2015 rankings, Consumer reports liked the Tesla Model S so much that it was awarded 2 spots in top 10. 1stis given to the P85 D and another for the entry level version of car, 70 D.

According to consumer reports, Model S has outperformed and outsourced, it rivals by demonstrating all-round excellence. What is more awesome in the car is its superb handling performance, acceleration, braking and superior comfort.

Report also stated that even if these features are overlooked, one could not ignore a car that gets equivalent of 84 mpg. With its optional 85-kWh battery, it can travel between 180 and 225 miles per charge which is pretty amazing. Model S with 362-hp accelerates to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds.

Tesla Model S P85D bagged 1st spot on the best cars list, overshadowing all other competitors based on the overall test score. Other vehicles in the list of Best Cars are Subaru, Subaru Legacy and many more. According to firm, 985D with 691 horsepower just blew them away even if it is compared to its general version.

One of the most notably features cited regarding the P85D version’s top position was its ability to cover 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. Furthermore, it also emits 1.02 g worth of accelerative force in less than one fourth of a second. The firm also stated that P85D has the same range as 85 kilowatt edition has but at the same time, it is offering perfect handling and comfortable car ride.

In addition to Consumer Reports, Tesla also made a strong appearance on another publication. Tesla’s electric sedan was also given a similar honor at Bloomberg. The publication listed out two of Tesla’s electric vehicles in its ‘Best Luxury Cars to Buy in 2016’ list. These Tesla’s models competed with the excellent and best luxury vehicles.

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