Great Lakes Truck Show Will Kick off 24th June 2016

great lakes truck show - AS auto parts

Great Lakes Truck Show is a 3 day event that will start on 24th June 2016 and will be opened for public till 26th June 2016. This show displays various truck based products and services. Cabela is hosting this annual auto show for 2016. It features local trucks along with ones from nearby states like Ohio and Indiana.

People of all ages are welcome to attend this amazing event for truck-related artwork, decorations and many more. Exhibitors and vendors will be able to register their trucks on first day of event. Later on, the famous judging of lights will kick off the show with brightly colored display of trucks.

Attendees will be able to see elaborately decorated trucks, many of which looks like styled trailers. Truck registration opens early the following morning. There is also an auction for lead spot in light parade after lunch time.

This light parade features trucks of several styles and sizes decorated in the most extravagant light displays. 2016 event features some form of entertainment such as singer or county band. Visitors are invited to bring their own blankets and chairs and set up in Cabela’s parking lot to watch it.

Final day of show focuses on an award ceremony at NAST trailer. Guests are encouraged to mingle with show participants and vendors. There are many more details which are yet to be revealed about this truck show so if you want to know them then stay tuned to AS Auto parts Blog.

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