How to Give Used Cars a New Look

Give your Used Cars a New Look

The trend of purchasing used cars has increased because of extremely high prices of brand new vehicles. People do buy used cars but most of them feel that they lack the looks of new ride. Usually, pre-owned cars are in good condition, both mechanically and cosmetically.

Extra maintenance of inside and outside will add to its beauty and continue to make it look amazing. For those buyers who believe that their pre-owned cars need little sprucing up, following tips will help them a lot.

  • Clean the Interior

Cleaning the interior of vehicle is a great way of sprucing up used cars. To do this, take out everything from cabin and trunk and start vacuuming the carpets and seat thoroughly. Make sure to catch cervices, corners and all other tiny areas that may have accumulated dirt over time.

Take off cup holders and start wiping down hard and rock solid surfaces. You can also use antibacterial cleaner for disinfecting buttons, steering wheel, radio and door handles. If you like neat and clean upholstery, you can also make use of upholstery cleaner. To purchase this and other car parts and components, you can check out our collection in online auto parts superstore.

  • Clean the Engine

When engine is clean, vehicles run fast and more efficiently. To keep engine cleaned, you should wipe off any or all build up with the help of shop towel. Spray degreasing agent on this damp cloth and wipe the exterior of engine. You also have the option of power washing engine but it needs to be done with extreme car because water cannot enter in other sensitive parts under hood.

  • Clean the Door Wells

Car owners often miss out door wells when they think of sprucing up their ides. However, this part gets visible when door is opened.

Because of excessive use dirt and grime buildup here and it gets messy and seem unattractive. To make it look new, spray door wells by using all-purpose cleaner and wipe it down with dry cloth after some time.

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