Ford Focus RS: Best Upcoming Car in Ford’s Lineup For 2016

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Last time when Ford launched its Focus model, it was not sold in USA and car enthusiasts were not happy because of this. Not only did America miss out the better model of Ford in comparison to the one sold in Europe but they also did not receive a proper high-performance version. Although Ford invested much in auto engine but it ruined.

Luckily it all changes now with the latest version of Focus which is now a global model.  Aside from the base model, it was the Focus ST that has received a massive amount of attention. Debuted at 2015 Geneva Auto Show in March as 2016 model, Focus RS is the all-wheel drive hot hatch that is going to become the biggest threat to Volkswagen Golf R.

Ford Focus RS which is developed by Ford Performance is powered by the same 2.3-liter turbocharged four-banger found in Eco-Boost Mustang. It is expected that Focus RS will generate 345 hp and 324 lb-ft of torque. Power will be sent to all four wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. Dynamic Torque Vectoring System will distribute torque between front and rear axle to maximize the grip.

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Ford claims that under-steer has been virtually eliminated from Focus RS. Other features comprise of an upgraded and improved suspension with sway bars, stiffer springs and adjustable dampers.

Ford has added four drive modes in Focus RS for its customers. Drivers will be able to choose from Normal, Track, Sport or Drift Mode in order to configure the vehicle for best performance based on road conditions or driving capabilities.

What’s cool is that each of these modes can be selected by using a specified switch alongside the gear lever and it even has specified settings for damper controls, AWD system, steering and engine response, Electronic Stability Control and exhaust sound. All these features will be easily available at online auto parts store when Ford Focus RS will come to dealerships.

Launch Control, which is found only on some of the world’s best supercars, is also a part of Focus RS features. Its interior will be familiar to anyone who has ever been in the current Focus but for 2016, there is an addition of a flat-bottom steering wheel, unique instrument graphics and alloy foot pedals.

Without a doubt, 2016 Ford Focus RS is a special car and it has the potential to be the best in all hot hatches in market.

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