Why Fog Lamps Are Important For Car?

Fog Lamps

Fog lamps and driving lights are both different from your vehicle’s high beam. The design of lamps allows them to reflect a horizontal band of light across the vehicle. Inside the lamp is a shield that stops the beam from being projected upwards.

In old times it was advised that fog lamp should be fitted below the vehicle’s front bumper because close to road the fog is very thin and placement of fog lamps low will increase its efficiency. Nowadays, it is much more than lighting efficiency. The value adding characteristics of product and its aesthetics equally matter.

Today, fog lamps are seen on all kinds of vehicles because of its excessive use. As manufacturers of all brands add extra features to their high-specced models, the proliferation of fog lamps has spread everywhere. However, the use of fog lamps is illegal in all those countries where climate is warm. For instance, the winters of Canada and USA demand properly functioning fog lamps. The weather is so adverse that without these lamps drivers won’t have a smooth ride. You should also know that LED daytime running lights (DRLs) are not same as fog lamps. Most of the people confuse DRLs with fog lamps and this is wrong. The former has a stronger beam of light than latter. So why are we seeing an increasingly high proportion of vehicles driving around with illuminated fog lamps, in situations that clearly don’t warrant their use?

How To Switch On Fog Lamps With Multi-Function Switch?

I will put my hand up and say that I am one of those drivers who have been using fog lights for quite a long time now. There is this multi function switch installed in each vehicle. There is this small inner ring inside which on rotating turns on fog lamps. I have inadvertently turned on the fog lamps when I flicked on the lights for the shot.

A quick scan of the owner’s handbook for both vehicles would have saved any grief. Many people are unaware that their light switch even has a ring that can turn on car’s fog lamps. There are also these small, green warning lamps in the instrument cluster which alert drivers if the fog lamps are on. We have to check if the warning lamp is up on the instrument panel along with the main headlight indicator lamp. If it’s shining then you’re not driving through fog, switch it off instantly or you will be definitely face a hefty fine.

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