Fiat 500 Pepsi Theme Car: A Unique Design by Garage Italia Customs

Fiat 500 Pepsi Theme Car

Garage Italia Customs has given a car with Pepsi theme for Milan Design Week 2016. It is known as ‘Fiat 500 Pepsi’ Car. You can clearly see in the below images that the vehicle wears Pepsi’s white, blue and red colors both inside and out. Although the model is bit too flashy but we are certain than some of the people of younger generation will like the street art applied on this Italian model.

Body of A-Segment model wears a tailor-made wrap with blue film of Pepsi for the bottom of the vehicle and bespoke digitally-printed film for the upper half of the car. Those red accents on front fascia and wheel spokes are bit too showy but these were necessary to complete the theme of Pepsi.

Interior cabin is finished in three colors, whereas the white seats are covered in Foglizzo leather with special pattern to mimic the fizzy bubbles of Pepsi. Garage Italia Customs fitted a soft support inside the leather to get this bubble effect.

Also noteworthy is the Pepsi Globe used on car’s headrests along with red DreamLux textile for headliner and door panels to complete the splash of colors. Although the headliner of Fiat 500 is not as impressive as Starlight Headliner of Rolls-Royce but it does look cool whenever the light is passed via the optical fiber woven into the material.

Fiat 500 Custom Build Pepsi Theme Car

One-off Pepsi-themed Fiat 500 will be displayed at various events in Europe after the Milan Design Week and will also hit United States in the end. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time when Garage Italia Customs makes a special 500, as we saw a 500e storm trooper last year to celebrate the launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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