How to easily Replace Window Regulator?

How to Easily Replace Window Regulator

It is obvious that when electric windows fail there will be no feedback or response from control unit. However what isn’t obvious here is the fact that what exactly causes problem in its functioning. If all windows of your cars have stopped working altogether then there are chances of blown fuse in electrical system.

But if the problem is isolated to one particular window of vehicle, you are looking at window regulator failure. If this happens with your car, the need to replace window regulator becomes essential.

As we know that windows get their original power from electric motor fitted inside but mainly it is window regulator which is responsible for upward and downward movement of windows. These regulators also have the responsibility of keeping windows locks in place. Get an electrical tester to ensure that there is serious need to replace window regulator. It will help you know that whether it is motor or regulator that needs to go.

This replacement task is rated to be moderately difficulty as it does not involve the use of heavy engineering tools or some professional work under bonnet. It is a simple work and requires use of simple tools like screwdriver, voltmeter and masking tape. Read the following step wise procedure and replace window regulator all by yourself.

  • Remove Door Panel for Window Regulator Replacement:

Get screwdriver and start taking off all those screws that hold door panel in its place. Take out the control console from door’s handle too. Once it is done, a plastic insulation inside door, sitting in front of electric systems will be exposed. Window regulator replacement is a simple but tricky task. It requires your complete attention so make sure your mind is right there.

  • Identify components for window regulator and motor replacement

The exposure of insulation allows you to see window mechanism clearly. There will be electric motor, window regulator cables, mounting bolts and electrical connectors. Disconnect the small safety clips on electrical motor, holding electrical connectors firmly. It is important as it will remove any or all power from all other systems. Now take electrics across different components to ensure window regulator and motor replacement. The problem will either be in one of them or in both.

  • Inspect whole Mechanism

Since you are inside door now, it will be a smart move to inspect its entire working mechanism. It will help you in identifying all problems that may impede the movement of doors. Use instant spray oil or lubricate the stiff components in case of hindrance.

  • Remove window regulator repair parts

Until this moment you would be sure that real problem lies in window regulator and it needs to be removed. Sometimes the replacement of whole part becomes necessary while other times problem gets solved by changing certain window regulator repair parts. Whatever the case is, take out the old one by detaching plastic assembly and removing all bolts. Once done, smoothly install the new regulator. Make sure that it is tightly bolted.

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