How Diesel Injector Works

How Diesel Injector Works

The major function of diesel injectors is to fill diesel fuel in compression ignition engine. This fuel is directly injected into the engine with the assistance of Injectors connected to the cylinders of a diesel machine. This fuel injecting system primarily consists of the subsequent components:

  • Fuel supply line
  • Fuel injection apparatus
  • Fuel nozzle
  • Diesel engine exhaust valve
  • Fuel nozzle holder
  • Air intake valve

These components of diesel injectors have following functions:

  • Fuel injection apparatus:

As every cylinder of compression ignition engine has connection with fuel injector, all of them have their own separate line of supply. This route carries the diesel from tank to diesel engine. This injector basically consists of a nozzle and a nozzle holder.

  • Intake valve:

Intake valves are installed to suck air directly into combustion chamber of engine. This air is then blended with condensed diesel and overall combustion is strengthened.

  • Diesel engine exhaust valve:

As emissions from any kind of engine are dangerous manufacturers have installed diesel engine exhaust valve. This component eliminates harmful emissions that come out of combustion chamber.

When fuel gets in contact with injectors, it gets pressurized. This pump allows the passing of air through injector and then pressurizes the fuel. Now when fuel in under full pressure it enters the body of nozzle holder and flows down into the passage of nozzle. There is a small needle valve that is connected spring housed in the main body of diesel injector.

When needle valves are opened, diesel injector starts spraying fuel through small sized nozzle, located in combustion section of engine cylinder. There are clusters of holes in nozzle which make sure that there is equal distribution of fuel in cylinder’s combustion chamber. These small holes are designed with extreme care and they work to break fuel into tiny drops. This makes the burning easy. If you want to replace any component of diesel engine, visit online auto parts superstore.

After this, air is carried into combustion chamber through air intake valves. Inside chamber it gets mixed with condensed diesel and intensifies the process of combustion. Here fuel engine exhaust valves also get rid of harmful emissions that are produced by fuel combustion chamber. Surplus fluid, available in fuel combustion chamber, is then brought back to fuel tank and this completes the functioning of diesel injector. It is one of the most intricate elements of diesel engine and carries the ability of enduring high pressure.

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  1. Alise Harper says:

    I have been having trouble with my car and my brother thinks it is because of my diesel engine and it needs a diesel injection. I had no idea how complex a diesel injection is. I think it would be best to have a professional do this to my car. Thanks for the information!

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