Choose best Electric vehicle: Tesla Model S VS. BMW i3

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With traditional carmakers increasingly indicating their intention to move into electric vehicle niche, it is interesting to compare BMW i3 car to the market-leading Tesla Model S.

Tesla certainly has a major advantage as the brand has already established itself as the leading player in electric vehicle marketplace. But BMW has huge amount of prestige and experience and this could surely help the brand in penetrating the electric car niche.

Although the acceleration capabilities of BMW i3 have been praised very much but it still comes second best in this department when compare to Model S. Irrespective of the sporty feel of BMW i3, Model S is simply perfect and outstanding in power and performance terms.

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Plus Points of Model 3

Tesla Model S has various advantages over BMW i3. First of these is that car is considerably more spacious for people who want to ferry around passengers and cargo. This makes the Model S more practical of the two automobiles.

Tesla Model S should also be commended for its charging capabilities. Firstly, it has significantly longer range than BMW i3 which obviously makes it more efficient in comparison to BMW.

Model S also benefits from supercharger access, meaning that charging the car has become even more convenient. One of the most useful aspects of Model S is the extremely sophisticated autopilot feature. It has received strong critical reception when it was launched and has also attracted praise from Tesla’s consumers. This feature makes vehicle much easier to drive than many of its competitors.

Advantages of BMW i3

Despite the fact that the Tesla Model S is one of the finest cars in automotive market, there are also advantages of BMW i3 model. Although Model S is usually reckoned to outperform BMW i3, the latter of the two automobiles does excel in some departments.

It is quite tough to take on such an outstanding car as Tesla Model S, but BMW is an extremely experienced carmaker and has delivered an automobile with many superb features.

Firstly it is generally regarded that BMW i3 is the greenest vehicle available on the market. This is quite surprising considering the green credentials of Tesla but the lack of emissions generated by BMW i3 make sure that this is the perfect product for anyone who wants to be kind to earth. This environmentally friendly quality of i3 is increased by the fact that it is also most efficient vehicle on market.

Finally, one of the most noticeable advantages of BMW i3 is that it is the more economical of the two cars, often by some distance. Whether one is willing to pay the extra dollars for Model 3 vehicle that surely seems delivers the excellent quality but thrifty motorists will certainly relish the BM i3.

It is clear that the electric car marketplace is about to get a massive boost as BMW announced the i6 for later this decade. Although it is expected to be unveiled in 2019 but a more likely release date for this new electric vehicle is 2020.

Nonetheless, BMW will be competing with some absolutely outstanding Tesla cars as well as an Apple Car , as the consumer electronics giant continues to work on making this product range. I3 is surely an excellent attempt to do this but for the time being, Tesla Model S remains the definitive automobile in this class.

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