How to Change Fuel Level Sensor?

Fuel Level Sensor

A fuel level sensor, also known as gasoline gauge, is a device that is used in vehicles to know the amount of remaining gasoline in tank. Availability of these devices in underground storage container tank shows that they have multiple uses. If your fuel level sensor is not showing accurate readings, replace it.

Professional auto mechanics charge approximately $400 for installation of fuel sensor. You can save this money for better use and do this work on your own. Read the following article and follow given steps.

  • Close Gas and Power Lines

To change fuel sensor, open the rear hatch and evacuate trunk if there is any spare wheel. Once it is empty, detach all the electric and gas powered cables to fuel tank.

  • Detach the Tank

Now when you have detached the power cables, get a small sized screwdriver and unclip them. Also remove tank holders while unclipping power sources. Remove the support of tank by taking out all three bearers. When done, move the gas tank of car with the help of assistant or helper.

  • Remove Transmitting Device

There are small sized clips present on top of transmitting device, remove them. Use hammer and screwdriver to rotate the lock ring. Doing this will line up channels and lock tabs.

To avoid friction, spray lubricating oil on lock ring when it is spinning. Do not detach gas pipe at this particular moment otherwise fuel will gush out of tank. When lock ring gets off and spinning stops, take out transmitting device from gas tank.

  • Remove Fuel Level Sensor

Now when power cables are detached, lock ring is off and transmitting device is out, locate the position of fuel sensors. In most automobiles it is found at the bottom of transmitting device. Remove clips from harness and slightly slide off fuel level sensor.

  • Fit New Sensor

Before purchasing brand new fuel level sensor, check with the specifications given in owner manual. You can also ask store representative or mechanic for guidance. Do not compromise on low quality sensors in any case.

Online auto parts superstore is the best place for auto shopping. It has top quality car parts and components. Install the new one after sliding off the old fuel level senor. Repeat above mentioned steps in reverse to install new fuel level sensor in car’s tank.

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