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How to Change Flat Tire with Ease

Change Flat Tire with Ease

Most of the car owners have never had changed a flat tire in their whole driving life and are unaware of procedure. This is dangerous because you car may run over sharp objects and get flat tires any moment and in absence of professional help, you may have to do it all by yourself.

How to install GPS Tracking System in cars

GPS Tracking System for Cars

The trend of installing real time GPS tracking device in vehicles has increased over the past few years. It is an essential tool which measures car’s location and provides accurate results. This device allows people to obtain current and detailed information about car which gets tracked through a wireless network.

How to Ensure Wheel Safety?

Ensure Wheel Safety

For safe journeys, car owners have to ensure the safety of wheels the most. They should be fully functional, in excellent form and have top quality rubber. As safety is the biggest concern of passengers worldwide, they place a lot of pressure on drivers.

4 Reasons to Check Car AC before summer

Check Car Air Conditioner Before Summer

On a hot sunny day, there is nothing that would make you feel better other than a casual drive with AC turned on and music aloud. With dozens of things planned out for this summer, you just do not want your car break down or ditch you in middle of road by refusing to start. To prevent this from happening, you have to ensure that car is checked regularly and necessary repairs are made.

3 Simple Steps to Replace Truck Air Brakes

Change Truck Air Brakes

Truck air brakes use compressed air as their power source. Unlike others, it does not work on hydraulics. These brake requires regular checking and maintenance so all problems can be avoided. If you want to replace truck air brakes on your own, following article will help you in carrying out the process.

How to Take care of your Car Battery

Take Care of your Car Battery

A malfunctioning battery is like a slow poison to your vehicle. It is seen that car owners ignore the maintenance of battery considering that it will always be in good shape. But it is definitely not the case. Battery is the power house of vehicle and you can’t start it with a malfunctioning batter. This article explains a ten minute battery checkup which will ensure proper functioning of battery. These steps cover some important maintenance tips for keeping battery in good shape. You will need following tools for this work:

How to Clean Brake Calipers

Cleaning Brake Calipers

As time passes, brake calipers get greasy and dirty. One cannot prevent it from happening given their location and extensive work they do. Eventually car owners have to clean them for better functioning. In some cars, they are cleaned for aesthetic reasons. Individuals clean them while adding chrome to cars or at the time of repainting. This task is not at all difficult but takes time. To start you should gather following tools in your working space.

Best Cleaning options for Car Upholstery

Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Vehicles come with different kinds of upholstery. Most of them look fine at first glance but with the passage of time they turn dark and dull. They are also weathered and ruin the interior of car. Therefore you need good quality car upholstery cleaner which has strong cleaning power. The market of upholstery cleaner is big and there are dozens of options to choose from.

How to Install Aftermarket Spoiler at home

Aftermarket Spoiler Installation at Home

Spoilers are known for increasing aesthetic value of vehicles. It gives the look of fin, cutting through air when car moves forward. It has a significant role in increasing overall handling of your car. This is because it improves aerodynamics of vehicle too. Other benefits of spoilers are better mileage and sporty look. You can also purchase aftermarket spoiler of your car from our online auto parts superstore. Their availability in distinctive shapes, colors, sizes, and materials make them even more desirable. Its cost ranges from $100 to $400 depending upon the material and style you select. This article will help you in installation of aftermarket spoilers at home. You need to have following tools and copy the given instructions.

How to Install Aftermarket Headlights Yourself

Aftermarket Headlights

Headlights are important components of vehicle and must be in working order always. They help drivers get through rainy and foggy weathers. They are also beneficial for drivers while driving late night. Headlights are available in attractive designs and shapes. To customize your car, they are best to start from. This article will help you in the process of aftermarket installation of headlights. It covers step wise procedure and mention complete list of tools that are needed. Read the following content and get the work done.