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How Does the Power Mirror Switch Work?

Power Mirror Switch Works

There can be several reasons of a dysfunctional power mirror switch. It’s most common cause is a bad power window's motor. Other reasons include faulty switch, worn out regulator or the cable can be off of one of the pulleys. Considering the excessive use of power windows these switches burn out rapidly. According to a recent survey, majority of auto technicians have accepted that they fix hundreds of power mirror each year. These windows are now available in all latest makes and models and are operated through special switches. Let’s learn more about the working of these switches below.

7 Top Advantages of Air Suspension Replacement

Air Suspension Replacement

Air suspension is the core component of any vehicle that enables the car to run on bumpy roads smoothly and also enhance the fuel efficiency along with speed. If you are not satisfied with your vehicle performance then may be some air suspension components are worn out and malfunctioning. In such conditions air suspension replacement is the only option that can make your ride smooth again and you would be able to enjoy the brand new functionality of your old car and this makes your investment on air suspension components worthy. It would be not wise to drive your vehicle with bad air suspension system as it can cause much more losses to your car. 10 top advantages of air suspension system are given here under that will definitely clear your mind regarding this decision.

Excellent Aftermarket Fog Lamps for your Vehicle

Aftermarket Fog Lamps

Fog lights are those safety features that you will find mounted on all kinds of cars, vans and trucks. These lights are really helpful as they enhance road’s visibility during bad weather. They are mostly switched on in adverse weather conditions because extreme fog or heavy rain hinder the movement of your vehicle and put you to the risk of road dangers and accidents. The best time to switch on these lights is when moon comes up and sky is dark because light gets dim, roads turn grey and driver’s visibility reduces.

5 Common Air Suspension Challenges

Air Suspension System

The most important and notable function of compressors is to pump air directly into adjustable bellows. These bellows get inflated with incoming pressure. With this, the chassis raises from axle too. There can be number of problems with air suspension system. These problems often vary from model to model. Some biggest challenges of air suspension system can lead to the failure of car. Learn about these problems and prevent them from happening in your car.

Top 5 Advantages of Using LED Fog Lights

Advantages of LED Fog Lights

Do you want to get a pair of auto lights which provide maximum performance and are highly efficiency? Lights which are exceptional, classy and best? Well there are number of such lights in market but what differentiates LED lights from all other conventional ones is that they are more efficient than 55 W halogen bulbs and give you better and bright light in minimum price.

What is the function of rear view mirror switch?

Rear View Mirror Switch

All of us are aware of the importance auto mirrors hold in our lives. They are essential components that provide visibility to car’s rear and other sides. Agreed, they are important for safe driving but sometimes they become a major source of discomfort. If you have ever been blinded by the glare of headlights behind you, you would know what torture it is. If your car’s mirror is disturbing, know it that it can always be adjusted by a small switch fixed at the bottom of aftermarket rearview mirror.

Improve Your Driving Visibility with Best LED Fog Lights

LED Fog Lights

Fog lights are very helpful during drive if the weather conditions are not appropriate and you are poor facing poor visibility. In such conditions, fog lights are the only helpful lightening component that can keep you travelling on road as its lights even works during thick fog and improves your visibility that directly saves you from road accidents. Along with too many benefits, there are many lacks of fog lights that make it essential to use them wisely. You should also take of your LED fog lights so they can serve you for a long time with full intensity. Some of the most important tips of fog lights use are given hereunder that will guide you about the usage of fog lights.

5 Basic Precautions for Repairing Hydraulic Brakes

Repairing Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic brakes are a system that comprises of either lever or brake pedal which connects to a master cylinder from a mechanical linkage. Brake fluid puts pressure to the linkage and flows to slave cylinder.

Disc brakes that are in cylinder push up against brake rotor which causes the vehicle to stop. You can install these auto parts yourself by following these tips:

4 Top LED Fog Lights for Car

LED Fog Lights for Car

There are times when you drive and it is impossible to see in front of you even when the high-beams are on. These times are heavy fog, rain or snow falling. Whether your car comes with factory fog lights or none at all, you need best light output. This can be obtained by either placing aftermarket fog lamps right underneath the headlights or replacing your current bulbs. Here is a list of top 4 led Fog light for car:

3 Tips to Reduce Transmission Repair Cost


There are some car parts that are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to damage. Transmission is one those important car components. It has to be functional for the working of car. Sometimes because of excessive use of vehicle, transmission gets damaged. The car won’t work without it. Individuals often want to fix the problem and save transmission repair cost at the same time. Usually, this cost rises up to $200 and also gets out of budget in case of severe damage. As the car is useless in its absence and it is the most important repair, professional auto mechanics feel free to charge high amounts. However there are still some ways to reduce total cost of transmission repair.