Brand New Models Confirmed By BMW for its i-Range

BMW iCars

BMW has officially confirmed it will launch its ‘i’ range of electric and hybrid cars. They include the revised i3 city car, highly anticipated i8 Roadster and brand new vehicle called i-Next.

I8 Roadster, a convertible version of i8 hybrid sports car will come in 2018. It is likely to have same drivetrain of original i8, which means a 131 hp electric motor in the front and 231 horsepower petrol engine in the back.

BMW is also going to launch revised i3, with updates in both electric and ‘range extender edition’. It includes a small petrol engine which will act as a generator. BMW stated that both these models will see a 50% increase in battery capacity.

BMW iCars Hybrid

Finally, a third and brand new electric vehicle will be added to i-range. Many few things have been said about this car, howbeit, Harald Kruger, BMW chairman said during company’s annual account press conference that BMW will cover all aspects in its future cars. It includes digital connectivity, autonomous driving, next generation of electro-mobility and intelligent lightweight construction.

Kruger also described these new models as ‘new spearhead of technology and innovation’. He said these i-range models will enable them to take BMW to next level.

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