BMW X7: Biggest SUV of 2018

BMW X7 2018 Front Side

German manufacturer dreamed of a model that can compete with Range Rover ever since Land Rover was integrated into BMW Group. SUVs have become the most demanded model for many customers in all segments and over time, size requirements have increased as well.

 In USA, Mercedes GLC is money maker for Germans whereas in China Range Rover is huge seller. Soon there will be Bentley SUV. Market is also ready for big, premium SUVs and BMW will follow suit in 2018 with the launch of X7. It will be BMW’s first true seven-seater SUV.

As per reports, Rolls Royce and BMW have been working on two SUVs for two years. In 2013, when there were economic crises all over the world, BMW felt it was not the time to announce the production of both models. In this time period, they were being developed, materials were assessed for bodies and chassis and different systems were tried. BMW X7 even received internal codename F17.

BMW X7 2018

BMW X7 will feature suspension of new X5 and X6. Range of engines will vary from V8 gasoline & diesel and Twin Tower Turbo six-cylinder to plug-in hybrid version.

Top model of X7 will be available with V12 which means it is the first production model of X range that will have an engine of this type. Online auto parts superstore has the availability of all these engines with all other car parts.

Today BMW X7 is known as G07 and its launch is expected in 2018 with an average annual production of 45,000 units. Base version of this model will cost around $150,000.

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