What is the Approximate Side Mirror Replacement Cost?

Side Mirror Replacement Cost

Side mirror is one of those car components that are vulnerable to all kinds of damages. Drivers are usually careless while parking cars or sometimes get too close to other parked vehicles. This often breaks side mirror. It also breaks when the car smashed into other speeding vehicles. Broken side mirror is very dangerous and must be replaced immediately. Side mirror replacement cost usually varies from car to car. There are different kinds of auto glass that are used in different vehicles. If you have met some accident and are looking for side mirror replacement, we suggest you to consult your personal auto technician.

Kinds of Side Mirror Replacement Cost:

Generally, side mirror replacement cost is of two kinds. In some cases you pay one lump sum amount which includes all kinds of cost. While the other times you have to pay separately for the labor, service and actual part. The actual part usually costs between $35 and $90 and if you are paying separately for every service your budget will be above $100. The procedure of side mirror replacement is quite easy and simple. You can also do it on your own by following proper instructions. For some vehicles, you may have to take out the whole door for installing side view mirror properly.

Save Money on Replacement Side Mirrors

In order to save money, car owners go for third part mirrors which are available at low prices in different local car parts store. You can also get them directly from online auto parts superstores. Side mirror may seem to be an unimportant and small part of car but there are numerous components that are involved in making this mirror functional and also to give it a great and neat look. There is chance that you pay more for side mirror replacement because the labor is expensive in USA and service charges are really high. Side mirror replacement cost also varies depending upon the type of mirror. The two main kinds of mirrors are automatic mirrors and manual mirrors. The former ones usually cost more and have huge prices. Now if you want to get automatic mirrors for your vehicle but at an affordable price, we suggest you to visit salvage or junk yards as these places have huge variety of affordable car parts and components.

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