Leaked Document Depicts Apple’s Auto Driven Car Will Be on Roads Soon

Apple Car

Apple officials are much serious to bring their first auto driven car on roads as soon as possible. It is predicted by an investigative news report of The Guardian. According to the report, top ranked officials of Apple met administrators of California and they discussed about the documentation of their upcoming car for more than an hour. This meeting is of worth importance and it strength the previous news that Apple is going to launch an auto driven auto that can compete the Google car.

However, Tim cook has never commented on the entry of Apple in automotive industry but the meeting of its top officials is enough to smell the incoming of car with a logo of Apple. It is expected that company will introduce an improved auto driving system with other features that will have a focus on commoners, as its other iPhone or Mac devices are made.

Experts predict that Apple can launch its brand new car in the starting of the year 2017, while it will start its distribution from its hometown and car will not be available worldwide. Although, China is the largest market of Apple products but the inner stories of the organization tells us that company will also not market its car in China in initial stages.

It is expected that the major features of Apple car can have resemblance with Tesla cars as Apple hired the fired engineers of Tesla group. Company will also keep the price tag of its auto-driving car below the Tesla cars to compete it on the very first day of launching. Google, Tesla and many more auto manufacturers are keeping a deep eye on the working of Apple car so they can handle this new auto competitor in a short time.

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