Apple Is Making an Electric Car: Tesla Chief

Elon musk tesla - AS auto parts

Apple is rapidly progressing on its upcoming electric car it and we have leaked this news on 19 October based on leaked documents from the Apple Company. This information is also verified as the company has recently booked domains like and so it can be anticipated that company is going to launch the latest electric car in the near future.

Tesla chief Elon Musk verified the news of AS auto parts blog by saying

Apple is making an electric car and the company hired thousands of engineers to compete Tesla but it would not be so easy as we are best in it

Elon Musk says that it is clear from the facts that apple is going to launch the electric car in the near future but it will be far behind from the features of Tesla Company. During a special interview with BBC, he welcomes the new competitor as he assumes that it will definitely expand the industry with innovative technologies. He also offered its services to Apple by saying, “Our goal to produce the leading electric vehicle will remain the same but we can help other new-comers with our experience so we progress together and expand this industry.

By the supra stated facts, it is clear that the Apple Company is going to launch  an electric car in the near future. AS auto parts blog keeps the record of first position for publishing this news and we will maintain our position by providing you the follow-ups as soon as it will be happened. So, stay tuned to keep yourself updated with the latest innovations of 2016.

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