8 Free Tips to Burn less Fuel When Driving

8 Tips Help you Burn Less Fuel while Driving

Does your car consume lots of oil? Are you sick of refilling repeatedly? If so, do not make an immature decision of shifting to an old and small car. Several tricks and tips reduce the consumption of oil. Following content will help you in achieving the goal of less fuel consumption.

Goal of Less Fuel Consumption:

  1. Always be easy on car’s accelerator. G-force acceleration has bad effect on tires and cause more consumption of fuel.
  2. Keep the speed of car low especially when on motorway. Driving car on few kilometers an hour beneath maximum speed limit reduces fuel consumption. The speed of car has direct relation with fuel consumption. Lesser the speed is, lesser consumption will be.
  3. Tires should be inflated to correct pressure. It often varies with load of car but drivers should make sure that it is always correct. When tires are inflated, the performance of car is affected. It also puts occupants in danger. If your tires are too old, you can purchase brand new from online auto parts superstore.
  4. Tuning of engine is very important. When an engine works properly, it consumes less fuel. If you do not know how to tune your engine, take help of a professional like auto technician. There are number of local garages that provide this service. It might get a little expensive but saves future cost of fuel.
  5. Oil changing is imperative and it should be changed on frequent basis. Make sure that changes are made in accordance with owner’s manual. The more work engine does, the greater is the consumption of fuel. To keep the use of fuel limited, engine should not exceed its working capacity. Change oil on monthly basis and save the cost of refilling.
  6. Immediate braking cost vehicle in different ways. The engine has to work fast, braking system is pushed hardly, and there are risks of accidents. Drivers should anticipate traffic stops and slow down car gently. When a car is rushed up to start and anchors are hit hard, the consumption of fuel gets too high.
  7. Keep car running at consistent speed because when it is accelerated, slowed down and accelerated again the results are highly inefficient. This pattern of driving also shows that driving technique is not correct and driver does not have control over car.
  8. Air conditioner is one of those systems of vehicle that consumes a lot of energy. Of all other vehicles systems, this one in particular drains the electrical and motive power systems. This massive drain of power has a direct impact on fuel tank and as a result, the consumption of fuel increases. To prevent this from happening, switch off air conditioner whenever it is not needed.

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