8 Easy Steps to Make Custom Brake Lines

Custom Brake Lines

For old cars, you have to make custom brake lines because original size is no longer available in market. To do so, you should use original brake line as measuring guide. With its help and following instructions, you can make your own custom brake line. Before starting, gather following tools and keep them close in your workspace.

  • Flare driver
  • Ball peen hammer
  • Jack stand
  • Blank length of brake line
  • Flaring vice
  • Steel tubular line cutter
  1. Raise Vehicle off Ground:

To support the frame of your vehicle, use a series of well mounted jacks and blocks. This increases the level of safety and keep car still while you are under it.

  1. Remove Original Brake Line

The next thing is to detach original brake lines from different slip mountings. This should be done carefully. Now straighten it out in order to measure the exact length.

  1. Obtain New Blank Brake Line

Take original brake line to an automotive parts supplier and purchase new one. Make sure it has steel mesh outer cover and is lined with Teflon. New brake line should be approximately 3 inches longer than original one. It is important because brake lines are not stretchable and in order to fit it in first attempt, longer is better.

  1. Cut the Brake Line to the Length Desired

Cut one inch of new brake line with the help of brake line cutter. Slightly slip cutter onto the point where cut is to be made, brace it with index finger and slowly twist cutting wheel towards the cut line. When it is done, remove the fitting of ample portion. To release it, gently tap with ball peen hammer.

  1. Prepare Brake Line for Flaring

Attach fitting on that end of brake line where flare is to be created. Flex-nut faces should face line on inside portion. Set line with fitting aside and gather flare tools. You can also visit our online auto parts superstore for different car components.

  1. Use Flare Vice and Make First Flare

To open flare vice, undo all small screws and nuts. Make insertion of brake lines into flare vice to an accurate diameter. Brake line should be of desired thickness for flare die and to do so you have to tighten flare vice.

  1. Attach Central Fitting over Stainless Steel Line

Place the fitting over Teflon inner hose line. This way flared part of fitting will be over the stainless steel shell.

  1. Install the New Brake Line

Follow the path of old original brake line and insert new one into your car. To prevent kinks and scratches, attach it to chassis with the help of fasteners and couplings.

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