7 Smart Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

7 Smart Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Safety should be the biggest concern of drivers all around the globe. As the number of accidents is rising every day, drivers need to learn the basics of safe driving. Recent study has found that increasing number of accidents is mainly because of negligence driver’s negligence.

Make following tips a part of your driving life and avoid car accidents.

  1. Avoid left lane:

If you are driving in a multi lane, do not take the left lane. The number of accidents that take place in right lane is also. Car experts suggest that drivers should always stay in centre of right lane because this permits drivers to change lanes at time of emergency.

  1. Keep your eyes focused:

Drivers should always keep their eyes ahead of what is visible. When drivers are able to look beyond the obvious, they make their mind to react to unforeseen events. Therefore it is always suggested that look further ahead.

  1. Beware of blind spots:

Car’s side and rear view mirrors should always be adjusted in accordance with the panoramic view of what is behind car. If you are unable to see something in mirror, turn around and take a look so that you do not miss anything. Do not get big and huge vehicles make sure that you do not get into blind spot.

  1. Get your seat closer to the steering:

Keep driving seat close to steering wheel so that your hand rests easily on wheel. It is important because your shoulders are in comfortable position and you will not be fatigued anytime soon. It will also allow you to steer your car easily.

  1. Keep your car’s limit in mind:

Either a car is sports one or vintage car, drivers should always be aware of the capacity of their car. Knowing the limits of engine, braking system and tires help drivers in avoiding accidents. If you are unaware of your own car’s limits, you will probably end up in a severe accident.

  1. Maintain your vehicle:

Proper maintenance of car prevents dozens of problems. It is the responsibility of car owners to take proper care of vehicles. You can do this by regular servicing, washing and using top quality motor oil. All this will stop car from breaking down in middle of road.

  1. Avoid practicing at night:

If you are in the learning phase of driving, avoid going for test drives at night. The reason is pretty obvious. Limited vision, darkness, blocked view and many other things force drivers to adopt wrong driving techniques and they employ a defensive approach. Also, never go down a dark road with malfunctioning headlights and tail lights. If your auto lights are damaged, get top quality aftermarket replacement from online auto parts superstore.

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  2. Sarah Smith says:

    I just got a car and want to get some parts. Thanks for the advice about how proper maintenance can prevent dozens of problems. Another thing to consider is to get auto parts for a decent price.

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